My Schedule

Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday I am open from 11am to 5pm.  I am closed Sundays, Mondays and the Last Saturday of each month.  If another time fits better into your schedule, please give me a call and I will do my best to be available.  My number is 250-365-7978.  Check out our Class  Page!

There are some times that I just am not able to be in two places at once!  I am usually at a nearby quilt show – so come and see me there!  I may be away teaching a class.  I would be thrilled to come out to your group and teach a class!  I have a variety of simple one or two day workshops that I really enjoy sharing with new quilting friends!

I will be Away from my studio:

 March 20, 21 and 22 – so I can learn something too!  Going to a Long arm class.

April 8,9,10,11 and 12 – I am off to retreat!

May 8,9,10 – I am taking a class from Corrine Zerr!



  1. Hi Debra, I would like my quilt done and wondered how much it would cost. Its the mystery quilt just like the one you have in your photos. the brown one. can you please let me know and what I have to do.

    All of your quilts are just beautifully done!

  2. Hi Nadia,

    Please give me a call at 250-365-7978 or drop in, I am here Tuesday thru Saturday 11 – 5.
    I am booking quilts in April, so I will put your name down for then.


  3. Hi Debra, just wondering if you have a date for me as to when you will quilt my quilt that I sent in April. Wish I could be there for bag day. Sounds like a lot of fun. Am I able to see this on line??? Take care and have a good week-end. Carol

  4. Hi Carol, nice to hear from you! I do have your quilt coming up shortly, I’m a little bit behind schedule but hope to catch up within the next week! I will put some pictures of the bag on the blog, it is really a cool thing!

  5. Hi Debra, I would love to take the painting on fabric class in the fall if you offer it again. Still not mobile. 2 months I hope.

  6. Marilyn, I have another person that would like to take it and is likely willing to wait a while! It was a blast

  7. Hello Debra, I inquired in December about the Bargello Class. Is it over or still to happen? do you have to have experience to complete it?

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