Posted by: flamingodebra | March 20, 2014

Back in Full Swing!

Well, after having the winter ‘off’ from quilting for customers, I am about to be in full ‘GO’ mode again…. funny how thinking that you have time makes you use it in different ways than intended.

I am off this weekend to a LongArm class with Judy Woodward.  The shop will be closed today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  But we’ll be open next Saturday even if it’s the last Saturday of the Month when we are usually closed.

And to add to the whirlwind of activity, I got a ticket to an event the same evening as Flamingo Club.  So, I will be sending out an email but if you read the blog you’ll have some more time to think about it.  We can do the evening Flamingo Club on Tuesday April 1 or Thursday April 3, I’ll take a vote which will work best and then we’ll go with that….. sorry if that’s an inconvenience but the other group wouldn’t change their date for us…..

Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time…. I had 70 quilt tops to quilt but…. I started too many more projects and really got 3 or 4 of the 70 quilted.

016 003 014 005 006 002 008 011 004I got a Scan n Cut for Christmas, played with it and a pattern that was in the Canadian Quilter years ago, did two bedspreads for the motel rooms, Rico was posing here…. this is a collage of leftover trimmings, didn’t work out like I thought it might, my BQ3 quilt, it’s been waiting about 4 years to be quilted, the start of my Lonestar Pizzaz Block of the month, my Little Black Dress 10 minute block quilt, a baby quilt for a friend’s grandson and another from the leftovers – it’s going to Guatmala with the Nursing students from Selkirk College and finally my geese for the Glacier Star I’m working on.   So really, I have accomplished something…… just not what was intended initially.  The best laid plans sometimes get waylaid.


  1. Evening April 3rd …is my vote.

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