Posted by: flamingodebra | November 10, 2013

So Much has been going on!

Since my last post, I’ve done a lotta stuff…..I went to Portland, Oregon for MQX West and took 4 solid days of Classes!  It was so wonderful and I came home with an incredible amount of inspiration and knowledge!

Lots is going on at the Quiltworx too!  There have been quite a few quilts quilted, we started our Applique (fusible) Block of the Month and we have decided upon our Pieced Block of the Month and that should start in January….. Classes will also start in the new year, turns out our plan to get all of our customer quilts finished up by Oct 31 has not worked out at all… so classes will have to wait until those quilts are done and class samples are ready!

First of all, I will show you some customer quilts, I noticed how jumbled the pictures are on the last post, sorry about that.  They did make sense when I hit the button and than they do what they want to after that I guess……

These are Jo’s quilts, the split nine patch has an asian theme, the colours were perfect together and the Lonestar table topper was a lot of fun to qu019ilt!


This is Leona’s quilt, it’s going into the church fundraiser to build a new sanctuary at St. Rita’s after the fire.

009This is Cheryl C’s quilt, she used the Moda Evening Mist collection and added the olive green to really pop!  This quilt hung in the Nelson show and the back was just as pretty as the front!

002001These are Rhonda’s quilts, she entered the batik diamonds in the Saskatoon quilt show, because that’s where she lives! The Hawaiian quilt had some hibiscus flowers quilted onto it.006







I saw Val cutting pieces at a quilt show, she has Die Cuts for Quilters and I sent her home one day with some fabrics to cut in the Winding Ways quilt, I haven’t started sewing yet but half the work is done for this one, there are even some notches for matching the pieces…… her cutting fee was EXTREMELY reasonable for the time it would have taken me to cut this out!  My next cutting project will be some half square triangles, the cutting blunts the corners off so there’s no trimming and everything matches perfectly!  I can send you her number, just email me!

006This is Darlene’s Bargello, she made it for her husband.  It is truly a shame that these pictures looked so washed out because this is such a rich combination of browns, creams and golds!  I offered to buy the quilt from her husband and when he got home and opened it up, he called me to up the price.  Somehow, if I did come up with the thousands he wanted for it, I don’t think he’d part with it!


This is Sharon L’s quilt, she labels each one of her quilts and numbers them…. what a great idea, wish I had started that at the beginning.  I count the quilts I quilt each year (biggest year so far was 112) and I probably could count the number I have actually finished over the past few years…. 001This is one of June B’s quilts…. she’s been using up scraps for quite a while now, this is for a great grandson and each 16 patch has a different design to it.007







001 This quilt is from Day 1 at MQX, Jamie Wallen’s class From Start to Finish.  We pieced these from kits in the morning and quilted them in the afternoon.  I was the only one that finished quilting mine that day.  I asked Jamie to put his signature dragonfly on my quilt, that made my whole trip!  I brought my quilt home and after looking at it for a few days, I added some highlights in the red and changed the centre.  Then I sent pictures to Jamie, he’s posted them on his Facebook Page, so you need to friend him and then you can vote for me by commenting with the word VOTE on my pictures…. and I could WIN 4 days with Jamie at his studio, that would be the AWESOMEST ever!  Here’s what it ended up looking like!025 You can click on any of these pictures to get a closer look!



This is from Day 2, we were piecing a Lonestar quilt with Jerry Granata,  click on his name to see his famous Lonestar quilt, completely quilted on his domestic machine….. very impressive, lots of embellishments too.  He does some incredible work, so poke around a bit (google him) to see more.  This is how my star points should look, and when I got home, I got to work and put together some more, there’s quite a process to get the points to all match but it’s well worth it.  Unless you put all of your pieces together backwards.  It’ll be faster to make another than to fix this.


Day 3, I did classes with the wonderful Kim Stotsenberg and Robbi Joy Eklow….. and tried to shop but the Glide thread booth was almost sold out.  So my suitcase had clothes in it on the way home (I had packed some things I could leave behind if I needed more room).  This was morning of Day 4, painting with Irena Bluhm, we got a pre-quilted piece and some paint and this is what I came up with;094

This was the afternoon of Day 4, Thread Sketching with Claudia Pfeil, she came from Germany to teach, I am so glad she made the trip,  it’s just thread.133

That’s all of my excitement I can share with you today, here is a sneak peek at the Pieced Block of the Month we will start in January, it’s called Lonestar Pizzaz by Animas Quilts.  This is the setting for the King Size, there’s also an 81 x 81 Lap size you can opt for, it has only the centre lonestar and the in between sampler blocks.PizzazzKingPurple77-66And this is a link to a video on the Applique Seasonal Silhouettes Block of the Month we’ve started.  You can still  get involved!  The book with patterns  is $28 and each month, the blocks include the background fabric and the laser cut fusible shapes to make the block for $30/block.  You can buy the whole kit at once, one block a month or any number of the blocks at any one time.  I’m doing each individual block as a separate banner for my mom (don’t tell her) so she can hang a different one on her door each month!  You can opt to put them all together for a whole quilt too!



  1. You have been a very busy lady!! Love your quilting and good luck with the Jamie chance.

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