Posted by: flamingodebra | May 5, 2013


We have had some absolutely Gorgeous, Sunshiney Days around here lately.  Everyone says that if it could just stay like this, not get really hot and no rain, they’d be happy…… we took advantage of the sun today and took a cool drink to Syringa Park and sat on the beach.   A few weeks ago, I went hiking with my fast friend, Deb, up the Columbia Western Rail trail and that was really nice except for the aching hips and blisters….this time we were on the sunny side of the lake and no uphills to worry about!

I have been busy doing lots of stuff, bookwork, and quilting…. Last Saturday our quilt guild hosted the West Kootenay Quilt Conference and we had over 150 quilters attend.  I also had a vendor booth and it was so great to see so many quilters I haven’t seen in quite a while.   It was such a great show, all of the area quilt guilds stood up and talked about what kinds of projects they’ve been doing over the past year and showed a TON of quilts, they were all stunning.  All of the them.  After setting up and taking down, many of our members were a little sore and hobbling this week….. ladies in their 70’s should not be lugging around tables and stacks of chairs – no matter how spry they are!  We must remember to hire some young people to help set up and take down next time!

Here’s a few that have gone home recently;

This is Diane’s Scrappy Mystery quilt, the blocks are quite interesting and the border was perfect for this one:



This is her Spider Web quilt.  Also made with many scraps, it was fun to quilt in and around the webs



I have a few more done that are waiting to go home, so I won’t show them to you yet!  Thanx to Pat and Donna for mentioning that they read my blog…… and reminding me to post more often!

We had a Bargello Class yesterday.  Carol wanted to learn and Cathie said me too and we had a class!  That’s often the most efficient way to have a class, get a couple (min 2, max 4) quilters together and pick a class and a day and we’ll coordinate and do the class!

Here’s what the gals got accomplished yesterday! 010 013Cathie’s working on a baby quilt that has both blue and pink with a little chocolate and Carol’s favourite colour is blue…. can you tell?  She’s goin’ big with a king sized quilt!

Just a little side note…… we’re having a 70th Birthday Celebration for my Mom on June the 1st in Calgary…. if you’d like to join us, please send me an email at or find me on Facebook…..

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