Posted by: flamingodebra | February 24, 2013


You’ve heard that saying “The best laid plans”…. Since my last post  we went to Vegas to see O, the Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio, spent 10 days in Scottsdale and been home for three weeks working like mad to catch up on a schedule that never allowed for two weeks off!  I do try to plan a few months in advance.  I’m a girl that would like to be mentally prepared for my day and/or week and as long as things go fairly close to planned, I can manage  a few ‘wrenches’ in the works….. but there have been many since we got home from broken furnaces to bookkeeping surprises (I really need to pay attention to that) it’s been a hectic three weeks.  Yesterday, I finally took a “day off”, my plan was to meet up with a couple girls for a SHORT hike in the bush, come home, have a little ‘me’ time, go for lunch with hubby and then an afternoon on the couch  watching a movie before a birthday celebration dinner for two friends…… hike went well, lunch went well and then….. there was stuff to do and things to take care of before dinner.  It’s ok, I just feel a little deprived of down time….. I’ve taken a little today just to make up for it…..

There are a few quilts that have been completed since we got home, we have had classes in One Block Wonder (and I didn’t take any pictures), Celtic Block (I only have one picture), Strata Star  and we had one February Beginner, Nina, and her quilt was bright and fun!

029 030 002 001









Here is one of June B’s creations, a colourful culmination of many tecniques and many scraps and a ton of time!  I have another one of these on the frame right now and it is completely different!

005 004 003 013 008


And here a two of Karen G’s quilts, they are the same but different….. the fabrics are moved around enough that her two grandsons will be able to tell which quilt is whos….. another one out of the book Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle….. I am going to get some of these into the shop!










And this is a quilt I deconstructed and reconstructed, quilted and bound in time for my friend Deb’s big special birthday….. the gals said “Let’s make a memory quilt for Deb’s birthday” 3 weeks before her birthday (with two weeks of holidays in there too).  I tried to say no but couldn’t, so they picked out the pictures and I handled it….. everyone signed the back and she loved it enough to cry…..

001 006 009 012










There’s been a few more finished in the last little while but they haven’t gone home yet, so you’ll have to wait to see them.  How do you like the new camera?  It’s my phone….. the only thing I miss is the zoom button but it hasn’t been a problem yet and there may even be a way to do it, some time I might even figure that out!


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