Posted by: flamingodebra | January 18, 2013

Beginner Class a Huge Success!

Here are our January Beginners!  002 004 005 007 008They completed their Quilt tops and will be back tomorrow to finish them off with quilting and binding!

There is still room for the February and the March Class, give us a call at 250-365-7978 and we’ll sign you up!

I’ve been quilting like crazy for the past little while too.  Some of my pictures are fuzzy, so please forgive me!001  This is a quilt that Verna put together.  We have a group of Nursing Students that go to Guatemala every spring and usually take some baby quilts that the guild members create and donate.  Verna asked them to bring some fabric back and she’d whip up a quilt that they could use as a fundraiser.  These were pieces of woven fabrics, they had been recycled from many things, Verna pieced it and I quilted it with a simple all over pattern and no batting, the woven pieces were pretty heavy so all it needed was a back.  Bright and pretty!


004 005 007 008 003

These three are Cathy K’s quilts from Heart n Sole Quilts in Grand Forks, BC….. she always has something going on there and some wild fabrics too!  Her quilts are always fun and interesting……

014Here is Maddi’s Quilt, Kim asked me to make this (back in August) for her special niece Maddi, Kim drew the picture and came up with the Fireworks and I had a lot of fun getting it together!

Cathie is taking care of the shop for a couple of weeks.  I suspect that means that there will be a “Boss is Away Sale” so stop in and see what she’s up to!

This is the Tablecloth I made for my Mom’s Birthday, she was thrilled to have something bright in her place!  I actually painted her kitchen this orange a few years back and she loves it.





004 006This is the front and back of Sandi’s quilt, lots of colour and different blocks, looks pretty!




001This is Vicki’s baby quilt, It’s called SeaGlass from the book Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle.  This quilt is on the cover, she’s also done a Queen sized one and I am looking forward to quilting it!











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