Posted by: flamingodebra | October 28, 2012

A Whole Month

A whole month has gone by since my last blog post…. there is a good reason for that.  Our quilt show was last weekend and, although I didn’t have any last minute quilts to finish for the show, I was rockin’ along and working, working, working!  There is just always something to do, I got a few samples done and some customer quilts too. 

This is Sonia’s quilt, she sent the picture of the quilt on it’s bed,and the colours are more true on her picture.  Red and Black and White are just perfect for each other!

These are Cathie’s Placemats.  She entered them into the Pass Creek Fall Fair and won a ribbon!  She’s got 6 that go around her table.   The pretty butterfly fabric is still available (just a little bit though) in the shop.

Here is Sue’s Celebration Quilt in the Stonehenge Gingko collection…… gorgeous!

Here is the Christmas Spirit quilt that Jean H made up for a sample….. and I finally got it quilted.  We have kits available that include the Book, the panel and the rest of the fabric for the top, including the binding.  So pretty.

This is Sally’s Stack n Whack, really great choice of fabric for her fans, inspired the ferny feathers  in the sashings….The picture of the back shows the design that we quilted in the fans.  Sally also sent me a pic of the quilt on it’s bed!

Here’s another shop sample I made up…. I call it Simple Leaves.  There’s a kit for it.  I am always drawn to these prints that go accross the whole width of the fabric and this one is calming, the colours are relaxing.  I planned to hang it on a piece of driftwood that I brought home from the beach, but they are all either too short or too long.  Guess I’m going to have to go to the beach again….. shucks.

These are Laurel’s quilts, she dropped them off this spring and went to work for the summer.  Even though they were here for a while, it still took the deadline (of her coming to town the weekend of the quilt show)  to get them done.

The water has dolphins – drawn for me by Wendy (thanx again!) and seahorses and starfish and a crab……There were two more quilts that I seem to not have pictures of…… not sure how that happens!

This is Vicki’s baby quilt for a Great Nephew (I believe), bright  and happy!

This is my quilt.  Sea Urchin – a Judy Neimeyer pattern.  It took me 4 years on and off to piece the blocks, then you cut pieces out and add others.     I learned that I have to really improve my piecing/cutting skills but it was a relief to know that I could “quilt out” the issues that I created.  My brother, Randy, suggested irridescent thread and I am so glad I listened.  The neon threads would have really drawn the attention away from the shapes.   The picture on the far right is part of the back…..



  1. Debra, I love your Sea Urchin quilt…. I hope to see it when next in your shop. Barb J.

  2. It’s up on the wall in the shop! and you should stop in and see it…..

  3. I also love the Sea Urchin! Gorgeous pattern, beautiful colours, and amazing quilting!

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