Posted by: flamingodebra | September 23, 2012


Yesterday we wound up our Block of the Month Program.  We used the Celebration pattern by Quilt Moments and did 2 blocks per month May, June, July and August.  Stunning results…..

We laid the quilts out in the yard and everyone took a look at the same quilt done many different ways!

This is Treena’s Quilt, it was already quilted!  She lives in Golden and we were able to send her the instructions every month!

This is Heather’s quilt, really had a kind of 3D effect!

This is Linda S’s quilt, fabulous colour!  and quilted too….. I think we decided that Linda and Treena are ‘overacheivers’!  Pretty awesome,  all finished and onto the next one!

This is Grace’s quilt, she did a great job and spent some time working on her points!

This is Marg’s Quilt, she used some of Moda’s Evening Mist collection and it looks so soft, almost like suede!

This is Phyllis’s quilt. She really did a great job!  She actually had some other fabrics in there and changed them – I think she’s happy with the results. 

This is Sandi’s quilt.  She put her own twist on the pattern and it really is soft and pretty!

This is Ruth’s quilt, she picked out the fabrics a couple of years ago and they really were perfect for this project….. and she made a pillow out of the half square triangles cut off the corners for some of the blocks.

This is Patricia’s quilt, we didn’t notice twisted block until we took the picture!  She was putting the last three rows together that morning…. easy fix, just take the seams around the block out and an extra inch or so around and then pop it back in and voila!  fixed!  Beautiful combination of Stonehenge and batiks…..

This is Terry’s quilt, almost all together, rich colours and that border will be out of this world!

Here’s Cathie’s version – the quilt that started it all!  Lucious fall colours.

For some reason, I didn’t get pictures of mine, the original in Moda’s Evening Mist taupes and the demo sample in Black and White……

There were 3 or 4 more quilters that signed up for the Block of the Month, but summer is a difficult time to get inside stuff done around here.   We have lots of sunshine and warm weather that beckons many to the gardens, lakes and hiking trails and quilting is a winter activity for many. 

It was a huge pleasure to work with all of these ladies, I learned a lot and I hope that they did too.  I, personally, don’t do very much piecing because I am quite impatient.  The first one always looks great and then I’m in a hurry to see what it looks like all together…… and then things don’t always go together perfectly…..

This is really what gets me revved up about quilting – all of these quilts were done with the same pattern, different fabrics and they all look so awesome!!!!!!!!!



  1. Beautiful work everyone, a garden of Quilts, sign me up for the next project. Thanks Debra

    Timmy-Jeanne Tack Timmy-Jeanne Quilting Arts Longarm Quilting Services

  2. There is a next project coming up! Details to be unveiled very soon!!!!!!! and thanx!

  3. Great job ladies! I love them all.

  4. I love seeing what different people do when working to the same pattern. I imagine each person who visits this blog would pick out a different favourite treatment. I always go for high contrast designs like Terry’s and Treena’s but you’re right – they’re all awesome.

  5. Wow! What variety! I too, love to see what people come up with when using the same pattern. I love the pattern, not your traditional block of the month! Good job, girls!


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