Posted by: flamingodebra | August 4, 2012

Back on Track – Just kidding!

I started this blog post last weekend….. and this morning I remembered I need to finish that up… then I laughed at myself, I really do live in a fantasy world sometimes.  Thinking I’m getting caught up or even ahead of myself.  What I’ve noticed is that, if I just keep moving, eventually everything essential gets done and everyone that matters is happy.  So I am not going to stress this week and things are going to go smoothly…….

This is what I started out with a week ago:

I have to admit, after coming home from the wedding, I was a little lost.  Before the wedding, I was working like mad, fitting two weeks of work into one, preparing this, thinking about that and ensuring that everything got done.  I have always worked best under pressure with a definite deadline.  Maybe it allows me to focus, I’m not sure but it does work for me.  So when I arrived back in Castlegar – after 10 days in Calgary with a very specific daily list of things to get done – I was confused.  There was no list and I could not make one for the life of me.  I had gotten so used to not thinking, just doing (I have to say I do like those times and they are happening more and more as the ‘children’ are old enough to have their own lives and include us in them).  After a little ‘inspiration’ in the form of a list sent from my daughter, I have gotten back into my groove and things are moving along pretty good.

Here is a few quilt pics of what has been quilted lately!

 This is Jean H’s quilt, nice and elegant, simple and effective piecing.  Nice colour combination too.

This is Cheryl C’s Japanese Lantern quilt, again very elegant…. must be the season for elegance!

This is Diane P’s Log Cabin in the log cabins…. she’s got some Maple Leaves and lots of flying geese in there too.  There’s even a cat and a kitten in there.

This is Grace’s  Animal quilt, she made it for her grandson… soooooo cute.  She’s going to let me know what the name of the book is that she used, so I could certainly order it for you if you wanted to make your own version…..

Here’s a Baby quilt that I finished up for my friend’s grandson….. I had to add the borders and quilt it.  Then we added Grayson’s name in the corner for the personal touch…. the scribbly letters went with the scribbly fabrics…..

And this is the latest Border Creek Mystery quilt, Quilters Romance.  I have another one on my frame right now and it looks completely different…. that’s what I love about quilting!  Marg S made this for her daughter, who is planning on redecorating her bedroom around her beautiful new quilt!  A ton of work went into these borders I think…..

Alright, so this is what I have to show you so far!  WAIT~ I got new fabric on Wednesday, then again on Thursday and then again on Friday….. I was puttering around on Wednesday morning thinking, I have gotten so much off the floor here!  and then Whammmoooo…. a huge box arrived…… I don’t have pics yet of what came yesterday but there’s a flannel in there with cows and pigs and chickens…. so cute and cartoony… someone even asked what that was doing in my shop!



  1. Love your quilts!

  2. Boy have you been busy!

    I love the Jean H’s quilt. This is a colour combo I would not have thought of but it is so elegant I might just try it.

  3. Nice to see Dianne Jansson’s original pattern (she owns Di-versity Quilting in Pritchard,BC) still in use in Diane P’s Log Cabin in a log cabin. It is a great quilt and was done all in blues in a Quiltmaker magazine in the 90.s. Jean T

  4. We are fortunate enough to have Dianne Jansson come our way to teach once in a while. Diane P makes nice log cabin quilts in the endless pursuit of using up those scraps!

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