Posted by: flamingodebra | June 14, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Here we are home again, the wedding was a huge success with a beautiful bride and a handsome groom.  Lots of family and close friends were able to get together to celebrate a happy occassion and have a great time!

Our day started with the Bridesmaids arriving with Starbucks in hand and a couple of suitcases full of hair appliances and makeup and dresses and shoes!  The makeup artist came a little later than  expected and proceeded to do way more than we were expecting so we were running behind a bit….. enough that we shuffled her out the door about 10 minutes after the wedding was to start.  It took six minutes to do a 15 minute drive to the church but we made it and everything fell into place just fine.

After the ceremony, we took some pictures at the church and the Bridal party jumped into their limo to go to Glenmore Park for some pictures.  They got quite a few in before it started to rain and then they came to the hotel to do some more before making their big entrance into the reception hall.  The decor was perfect and everything went really great…. dinner was tasty and hot.  The DJ was very entertaining and the MC was fabulous.  I think everyone had a good time! 

My neice Charlotte took lots of pictures, and here are a few of hers.  The room was decorated by Amy from Down to Their Socks and she came and took everything down too!

Now that we are home, I have been working on my own quilt and thinking about starting some fresh projects.  I should probably get some other projects finished first but I stumbled upon this page through Pinterest (if you haven’t tried it,  you should)  Tutorials from Sakura – some fun ways to embellish your quilts or do some other crafts.


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