Posted by: flamingodebra | June 4, 2012

Only a Few Days Away

The Wedding is only  a few days away, we have a couple of things to do yet but nothing too major, little things…..and Saturday is the big day!  Can’t wait!

Saturday afternoon, Sarah’s friends Kristine and Nikki threw her a Bridal Shower and we had such a nice time, got to visit with friends and family.  Then a bunch of gals came back to Sarah’s and Andrew had some goodies ready for us and we got ready and went out to a nice restaurant/club downtown for a Girl’s Night out…. also known as a bachelorette party….. some great food and a few cocktails and lots of dancing.  I have blisters on the bottom of my feet… and a refreshed memory of why I don’t go clubbing anymore… I don’t have the patience to stand in a crowded line to get a drink at the bar while other people mill around above (I feel extremely short these days, even with heels on) and behind me….. and then when you are back with the group lots of bumping and pushy people that are trying to dance and/or get by at the same time.  It is much nicer to sit in the gazebo or around the fire and relax in the company of those you enjoy….. I am looking forward to the wedding reception to do some visiting and see many faces I haven’t seen for a while.

I also got my purple hair on Saturday morning, my niece, Charlotte finally broke down and put some purple in for me after a few years of my begging……

Before I left, I got some quilts done, mostly my own…. baby quilts and Sarah and Andrew’s wedding gift……This is Karen Z’s quilt, she started it a few years back in a class I think the pattern is 54-40 or Fight….. lots of fun for me.

Baby quilt for Nikki out of some of our outstanding Batiks, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be pretty.  This is the Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat quilt for Ashley and her baby…. such a cute idea ( I got it from Moda Bakeshop).

And, here is a look at the quilt I made for Sarah and Andrew.

While I am away Cathie is having a Sale….. so pop in this week to see her, Tuesday thru Saturday 11 – 5…. all regular priced fabric is on for 25% off! 


  1. Purple hair – ha! it must run in the family lol have fun at the wedding wish we could be there!

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