Posted by: flamingodebra | May 18, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

That’s what I always say to my daughter when she seems to be overwhelmed on the phone….. and it is good advice for all of us.  Slow down, take a second to assess the situation before you dive in and solve all of the issues of the day.  Ha, ha, easier said than done.  I think I am doing this when I make my ‘list’.  The list of all of the tasks that MUST be completed that day….. ha, ha again, the list NEVER gets all done….. but (if I can find the list at the end of the day) it feels good to cross a couple of accomplishments off and sometimes there are things on there that took care of themselves and some things that just really aren’t that important after all.

So, I am in Calgary for the long weekend and there is a list.  The Wedding is 22 days away and there are many details to take care of now….. we’ll run all over Calgary this afternoon checking off things on the list and tomorrow we’ll tackle some more.  Hoping to fit in a Peter’s burger and/or some Chicken on the Way in there too.

Anyhow, I have spent most of this morning reading my book, enjoying a coffee (or three) in my jammies (a luxury that is not always afforded to us when we own a motel).  I thought I’d catch up on my blogs that are linked down the side here….. wow, my friends have been busy and it seems that everyone is doing really cool stuff…. so take a look – there are a couple that have links embedded into their posts and I got caught up watching videos and reading about new adventures – including ‘rooing sheep’.  You never know what you’re going to come accross on this computer thing.

So, here are a few quilts to look at, extra inspiration maybe?  Whatever you do, do something for yourself this week….. a pedicure, a bubble bath, a new quilting technique, coffee with a good friend, a glass of wine on the deck watching the sunset….. it’s all good.

This is Hedy’s Heart Quilt.  It is for her grandaughter and features a variety of pinks and reds in the hearts.  Lots of fun and a great quilt for a young lady.

Grace made this baby quilt with an undersea them for her first Grandson.  She dropped it off to be quilted and I’ve had it long enough that she has made a bed size quilt for him too!  She also made this Grow Chart for him too…

This is Lucille’s Rescued Scraps quilt…. one of her quilting colleagues was cleaning out their sewing room and passed along a few scraps.  Lucille started sewing them together and ended up with this massive quilt, it looks wonderful!

Verna made this quilt for a lady that helps take care of her Mother in Law….. a very effective block, she said it was really easy, but it was sure a great way to show off the pretty floral that has been waiting it’s turn in her stash for a while.  And then she picked up this fabric for the back out of our sale selection…. which is all gone for now… but Cathie’s in the shop for a few days while I’m away and she always has something spectacular on sale….. I think she’s got something great going on this weekend, so pop in today and tomorrow and see what’s up at the Quiltworx!

There is still time to participate in the Block of the Month!  We have our first two blocks demo-ing on Thursday May 24th at 11 am, 2 pm or 7 pm!

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