Posted by: flamingodebra | April 30, 2012

More than Month

I can’t believe I have not posted in more than a month, but I have been crazy busy and there hasn’t been much time to do anything it seems.  I did get my bookwork done for the quarter, some yardwork, and some quilting and some wedding stuff and some travelling. 

I went to a retreat with a bunch of girls from Grand Forks and had so much fun, I’d never been before and this was the perfect one to initiate me.  There were 19 gals from all over, we were the Canadians and there were a couple of girls from California.  The rest of the ladies were from northern Washington State….. and in another location at the camp there was a group of quilters from Spokane.  I spent most of the time working on my Sea Urchin – a Judy Neimeyer pattern here’s a peek, you’ll see it when it’s ready for our show in October.

  There was  a lot of giggling and laughing, tons of great food and a LOT of quilting.  Many people got so much done, my table mate Sally did a gorgeous Fracture and a table topper from fabric we picked up along the way.  When life settles down (ha ha) we’ll need to put together a Flamingo retreat.  Don’t hold your breath, but if you have some location suggestions, please let me know.

Then I was home for four and half days and worked on Sarah’s wedding napkins.  I just started and they seemed to get done – I was hoping I’d be able to take them with me and she and I could fold/press and stamp them – and we did.  This is what 3 bolts of batik looks like cut into sqares and serged. 

Then we were off to Medicine Hat to Celebrate my Grandma’s life.  She passed away in  February.  I wrote up a post on her at the time, she was pretty special…. if you’d like to read about her, click into the February posts.  I got to see my Aunts and Uncle, my cousin came from Oshawa too.  It’s so funny, we have not seen each other for 6 years yet we pick up right where we left off and had such a nice visit.  There were lots of other cousins there too, such a comfortable feeling being surrounded by family.  I got up to speak and went on and on it seemed but I still forgot to tell some stories….. we had a lunch at the church where my Grandma used to go for her quilting group.  It was pretty special when the minister’s wife showed me the quilts the group still works on.  I was hoping to bring home a wallhanging of an angel that my Grandma had made but it was not amongst her things, she must have passed it along to a special person.  I did find the pattern she had drawn out onto a grocery bag, so I’ll have to make my own.

This is Ruth’s “George” quilt.  The Rossland guild does this, you win, design the quilt for next year, guild members piece it and it’s raffled off within the guild for then next winner to design next year’s…… Lorena designed this one, there’s a little bit of everything on it.  I would love to get a picture of the whole thing all at once!

Sharon D must be getting to the bottom of her sewing room by now!  Here are two quilts that she has had the blocks for a while and put them together to make these.  The baskets were a Nelson guild project, they each make a block and enter them into a draw and the winner gets all  the blocks!

I have actually done more quilting but the pictures may be on my laptop…. I’ll find them and get them on. 

Have you seen our Block of the Month quilts?  This is Cathie’s colours, very bright and crisp.

And these are my choices, (yes it is put together now) in the Evening Mist by Moda, same fabric line as the quilt on the header of my blog.   The pattern is called Celebration designed by Quilt Moments.  Packages are ready for pick up now at the Quiltworx and we can do a kit for you or help you pick out your own selection of fabrics.  The first Demo is May 24th and we’ll do two blocks a month with a reveal in September….. nice summer project for those days when it’s just too hot to go outside!

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