Posted by: flamingodebra | March 19, 2012

Ah, Refreshed

Well, I can’t begin to tell you all how much I needed a vacation!  Almost two weeks away gives you a new, fresh outlook on almost everything!

We have just returned from Jamaica, my niece, Charlotte got married to her wonderful Wes a week ago on the Beach in Negril….. wow.  There was a group of 21 of us for the wedding.  15 of us stayed in the same resort and spent pretty much the whole week together having fun and seeing a ton of stuff!  As one of the “Oldies”, I was encouraged to venture into the boldness of my youth and try new things without thinking too much.  If you ever have an occasion to spend time with your adult children and their friends, take it and let go of your parental role, really…..( even though my kids weren’t able to come), my niece and new nephew and their friends shared their energy and got us all going.  A vacation with my brother and sister-in-law was way overdue….

Charlotte was extremely organized and we had no thinking to do…… she took everything and just handled it.   The trip planning and wedding planning was a challenge when the resort changed the dates and the second flight we had to book got cancelled two weeks before we were to leave, then the wedding consultant in Jamaica lost her file…… she took it all in stride and made everthing happen with her backup emails and calm persistance……When it started raining an hour before the wedding, we all held our breath – but we should have known it would clear up, make everything fresh and cooler and provide the perfect backdrop for a sunset to take pictures with

We had a great week full of adventures, cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe, a rope swing at the YS Falls, feeding crocodiles on the Black River and touring the Appleton Rum Factory.  A few shopping trips were thrown in to buy some clean laundry and souveniers and many hours were spent on the beach, in the ocean, in the hot tub and eating extremely fabulous food.  It’s a struggle to make my own coffee this morning for sure.  The first day started about 7 am Friday and ended about 5pm Saturday where I finally just went to sleep and didn’t wake up until Sunday morning to find my husband had brought my dinner back to the room even.  That was followed by regular early mornings – didn’t want to miss breakfasts – and then late nights visiting and meeting new people in the hot tub and the pool…..we had a great time and would go back there again in a heartbeat… this was the view from our room and some of the beautiful flowers we ‘had’ to walk through every day to get to our treehouse….more of a little condo on stilts but we could not see anyone else’s condo and it was beautiful.  In the morning we woke up to songbirds, and in the evening we fell asleep to tree frogs – I was going to record it on my camera but I kept thinking – I’ll do it tomorrow and now I’m home.


We stayed at the Sunset at the Palms in Negril.  85 rooms (treehouses) a couple of restaurants, coffee bar, pool bar, beach bar and martini bar with a piano player in the evenings.  I think it is generally very quiet, we were definitely the group having the most fun.  Many of the other guests came to the beach for the wedding and we met tons of people from all over the place.  The beach was accross the road and there was always someone at the gate to help you get accross the road and there were vendors on the beach that were not at all annoying or aggressive and the roving entertainers didn’t mind if you joined in….


  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip, Debra! Thanks for sharing!

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