Posted by: flamingodebra | March 4, 2012

Don’t Sit Down

This has been my ‘policy’ for the last few weeks.  I have been quilting like a fiend and last weekend our guild had two sewing days planned  to assemble our raffle quilt and do some sewing of our own!  My last dedicated sewing day with other quilters was……. I can’t recall.  I know I had planned one last spring but it didn’t happen – something came up.  I really enjoyed last weekend.  Even if I had to be dressed and somewhere by 8am two days in a row….. I got two Jelly Roll Race style quilts done… here’s a link to a video if you aren’t sure what a Jelly Roll Race is.   If you are wondering about the 8am thing, I am usually up and around a lot earlier than that, however I don’t ‘hit the ground running’ until after 8 unless I stay up all night, then it’s more 9 ish…

After all that, here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to;

This is Heather’s Quilt.  She used two Layer Cakss from 3 Sister by Moda and some gorgeeous soft big blocks ofrom Mark Lipinski’s Chester Gardens.  This pattern was from our very first Moda Club and it was called Blueberry Chocolate Squares.   The back was super soft and pretty too, I don’t know why I didn’t take any pictures.

This was a quilt that was beautifully almost all handquilted.  It was such a nice job that I felt guilty machine quilting the little bit that was left, then I added borders with a quilt as you go method and finished the binding.  A quilt that will now be used after a few years of patiently waiting for completion.

Speaking of patience, I guess that’s why my quilts are all hanging in the closet, they are very patient.  Except for these ones,  I put pictures on my personal facebook page of all the quilts I have in various stages and asked my two nieces to pick the ones they liked for their wedding gifts.  Ashley and Matt got married in October and have been patiently waiting for this one;

I loved this line of fabric and had done up a little ‘sample’ to display it and it went home with others, so I worked it up in size and put it on the other side of Ashley and Matt’s quilt….. making it a “two-for” and reducing my UFOs by two instead of one.

Charlotte and Wes are getting married in Jamaica, and she picked this one.  Amazing, because I had actually started this one for them intending it to be a Christmas present two Christmases ago (I think, coulda been 3).  I put this fabulous Batik on the back because it had the colours from the front and the purple that Charlotte likes.

 This is June’s Quilt.  She had some little pieces of Laurel Burch fabric leftover, had seen a picture in a book and went for it.  She had lots of bright scraps in her stash and used an assortment of blacks for the bias ‘leading’ between the blocks.  And she always adds some black and whites….. I tried to quilt a different fill in each piece of each block…. this one required a ton of thinking – lots of fun for me!

This is another of June’s quilts, again, bits and pieces of batiks make up her flying geese….. I’m thinking she must be almost through her scraps…. just kidding, we never are!  Simple all over quilting on this one.

These are Sue’s quilts, she used a Mango Margarita and a Blueberry flavour of the Bali Pops. quick!


  1. WOW! What more can I say? How can you stand all that inspiration? Great work all on parts!

  2. WOW! Great work, I just did a quilt till you wilt with our BV guild…even though I can only manage about 9 hours I finished an entire project. I only wish I had your energy level Deb.

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