Posted by: flamingodebra | February 5, 2012

Lots of Happenings at the Quiltworx!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here, we’ve had another Strata Star Class (and had to cancel one due to SNOW accumulation).  We did the beginner basket and the Celtic block….. and Stuck on Curves….and quilted some quilts in between all that…..

So, here’s some pictures of quilts – Sharon is finishing up her UFO’s and we got to quilt them for her, a tablecloth and a couch quilt

And Sue made some tablerunners as an “Early for Next Christmas” gift…. I seem to do lots of those too…

And here we have the ever-patient Bernadette’s car quilt that she made for her husband…. we quilted a ‘burnout’ and flames and gears…. lots of fun! 

And the latest Batik Stars for Cathy K

And our  classes have been so much fun!

Strata Star with Kathy S(who did two), Heather – used vintage hankies and made a miniature and Hedy – wants to make more!


Our Celtic Class, Marilyn, Lauren and Audrey….. we made our own bias tape and put the blocks together!

  Lauren seems to have escaped the camera…. she did her knot with a blue and silver Christmas fabric… it was pretty too.

Here’s my basket from the class, I am waiting for pictures from Linda, June and Nola (BTW, thank you for the fabulous lunch girls!)

This week we had the Stuck on Curves class, fashioned after a class I took at in Portland this fall.  We had such a great time both days, makes me wish I could just do them all!

Kathy, Bern and TJ were here on Tuesday:

Cathy(will send a pic when she finishes), Elsie, Lorena and Marilyn created on Saturday:

And just another piece of Eye Candy, Shirley makes these gorgeous tablecloths and this was one she made out of some fabric from the Quiltworx. 

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