Posted by: flamingodebra | January 9, 2012


Ok, so one quilter found a friend and someone else to have a Beginner Basket Class on Friday Jan 13th – and there is a spot left if you’re interested!  Another couple of quilters said Thursday worked for them so we are having a Celtic/Make your own Bias Tape Class on Thursday January 19th…   See, it’s that easy!

We still have room in the Strata Star Class on Saturday the 21st of January and Stuck on Curves on Saturday Feb 4th…..

What classes would you like to take?  Have a friend that wants to learn too?  Just need a day away from the house and want to come and try something new?  Let me know, we need at least two people up to as many as 4 and we can have a class!


  1. Would like to do that strata star, if anyone else is interested on the 17th….

  2. Hi Deb, what time is your strata star class next Sat? Do we bring our own material or is there a kit that comes with class?
    I’ll possibly attempt to attend if Colin and baby hang out and if it’s a max 3 hrs?

  3. Hedy, we do have a spot left on the 17th. I have a supply list here or I can email it to you.

  4. The Strata Star Class on Saturday the 21st starts at 10 am. You are welcome to stay for as long as you can, and you could pop home for lunch if you needed to too.
    You will get the gist in 3 hours but you’d be almost finished in just a few more hours….

    I certainly can put a kit together if you want me to or you are welcome to use what you have.

  5. Yes sounds good Sat if I go home or he checks in or I’ll figure out extra supply for him 🙂 I would do Tues but no sitter for the day. Unless Frank wants to. just kidding

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