Posted by: flamingodebra | December 19, 2011

Celtic Wave

This is Nola’s Quilt.  She started it in August and worked on it almost every day after work and every weekend.  She made it for her daughter for Christmas!  What a special gift.  I finished quilting it this afternoon and her husband was just as excited as I was…. so he phoned her at work to let her know I was done.

It is the Celtic Wave, a Judy Niemeyer pattern.  All paper pieced in fabulous greens and blues, the darkest fabric has some purples in it too.  Spectacular!


Wait, that’s the Back…. it is REALLY quilted as you can see!

This is the best picture I could get of the front!

 Here are some shots of specific parts of the quilt, enjoy!


Wow!  I hope that the Judy Niemeyer quilt I have been picking away at for 4 years turns out half as nice as Nola’s 4 month quilt!  By the way Nola, many people have asked if you would adopt them….. me too please!



  1. Beautiful, and the quilting is exceptional… Barb J.

  2. My, you’ve been a busy girl! Haven’t read the blog for awhile.

    The celtic wave is gorgeous! You did a great job on the quilting!

    (Love the snowflakes on the blog page!)

  3. This quilt is absoutely beautiful and the quilting is unbelievable WELL DONE!!
    I must follow your blog more closely, you know I didn’t twist your arm to buy fabrics I beat you with the samples ha-ha. Have a wonder holiday season.
    Noeline Kerr
    BC Sales Rep
    Trend Tex Fabrics

  4. Just received my quilt, my mom did such a wonderful job. I have seen her give other family members such beautiful work and been so jealous. I will treasure this piece of art forever. Love you MOM!

  5. HI! I am trying to quilt this same quilt for someone and it’s Way beyond my capability! Should have not taken this on! I am quilting it similar to the photo that came with pattern except that I can’t do a pretty crosshatch. I’ve got it done except for the purplish batiks in the middle. I can’t see how you quilted this part. (feathers?) Would you mind sharing how you quilted these? Thanks!! Becky PS Your quilting is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Thank you Becky! I have sent another picture to the email on your comment, hope it gives you a clearer idea, I did do feathers in there…..

  7. Beautiful quilt! What fabric is on the back? Thanks

  8. The Back is a Batik that was 108″ wide… I’m not sure where Nola got it…. it matched perfectly!

  9. I think it’s a Diagonal Stripe Lt green/teal . But I haven’t found it in 108″ yet.

  10. Debra, Would you contact Nola for the backing info on this quilt? The closest 108″ fabric I have found is: Timeless Treasures Tonga Lagoon Swirly Dots.
    I finished mine last night. Can I contact you via email for a timeframe for quilting it?. You did a fantastic job on Nola’s !!

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