Posted by: flamingodebra | December 9, 2011

Rumour Has It…..

Wasn’t that a movie?  Anyhow, I heard yesterday that there’s a rumour out there that I’ll be closing for a few months this spring….. That is WRONG!!!!  As much as I would welcome a couple of months to quilt for myself, I would miss you all too much to close!  What’s actually happening is that my daughter is getting married in June and I promised to help her out with the wedding plans.  So I will be taking a few extra short trips to Calgary to be able to do that!!!!  However, I have made arrangements for the shop to stay open most of that time so if you need/want anything you don’t have to worry or wait.  Please do check the “My Schedule” tab at the top here – any closures will be listed there but it really will be ‘business as usual’ and back to completely normal after the wedding in mid-June.  Also, I have taken as many quilts as I think I can quilt in the spring so we are currently scheduling Long Arm spots for July….. don’t forget about the Castlegar Quilters Show in October – book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Rumours can make or break a small business so please confirm with ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ and get the whole story.  Please support your local shops and artisans, there are lots of places to get quality, unique items.

Now, some more quilts for you – This is Karen’s quilt, she made it up for her kids….pretty cool colours and design – she even knew she wanted it quilted with spirals….

Cheryl C made this Thimbleberries quilt many years ago…. and finally decided to get it quilted.  We did feathers around the border and used Monopoly thread in the centre to do an all over feather so that we wouldn’t take away from her wonderful piecing!

 Here are some MORE fabrics that arrived yesterday…. they keep on just showing up here…. even though we are out of space.  It’s my fault, the Trend Tex rep was here yesterday and has ensured that there will be more coming.  She’s very persuasive, rumour has it she twisted my arm until I gave in and placed an order.  Even in a blurry picture, these batiks are begging to go home with you.


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