Posted by: flamingodebra | December 4, 2011

Quilts Quilts and More Quilts!

Between Pink Friday – which was a HUGE success – and the Strata Star Class(see details below) this week I have had a few minutes to get some quilts done in the last few weeks, so here’s a look at what’s been going on!

Leona made a table topper for herself (I think) using the Starlit Tree Skirt pattern that Elaine taught us a few years ago, leave out the hole and you’ve got a round quilt….

This is the quilt Leona made for her Great Granddaughter – all pinwheels and triangles.

These are Sue’s Quilts, gorgeous batiks, we put hearts on it in bright pink threads.  And her Christmas quilt, great for cuddling on the couch with her new teeny granddaughter!

This is Lauren’s Applique Quilt, she added some extra batting under  the flowers for some extra whimsy.

Lauren also made this quilt in her beginner class, great colour choices make it rich and yummy! 

Here are some pictures from the class we had this week, no, you did not miss anything, these gals saw something they wanted to make and asked me to do a class.  Just a hint, because I am soooooo bad at getting organized, if you have something you’d like to try, let me know and we’ll come up with a date and do a class – better than waiting for me to get a schedule together.  That being said, I do have some classes in mind for January/February, I will post it on the class schedule page when I’m ready.

Anyhow, we did the Strata Star from Ruth Eckersley’s pattern, available in the store and really simple to put together in either the large or the small.

Here’s mine (finished), and Cathie used the fabric that she just loves…. and added six more, it’ll look fabulous in her kitchen.

Cheryl did Christmas fabrics in hers, red and green and golds. And June used some Christmas fabrics tool, a little pop of red with her black, ivory and golds, she did the Large size, using eight fabrics.


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