Posted by: flamingodebra | November 14, 2011


I have finished something!  I took this class (30 days ago) in Portland from Sharon Schamber and I was able to get this completed!  The local Long Arm quilters got together yesterday and I was so inspired from the day’s discussion that I just had to get it done!

For those that know me well, please celebrate my accomplishment!  I NEVER finish anything (for me) it seems until there is a deadline or  a bi-annual show being set up tomorrow.  There are a couple more on their way to getting done too because my nieces have chosen their wedding quilts!

Here are some quilts from quilters that get a lot accomplished!

Here is Vicki’s Blooming 9 Patch, wonderful colour combination and it was huge too! 

This is Leona’s Card Trick, I have a few more to do for her yet, she keeps me pretty busy too!

This is Carol’s 9 Patch Pizazz with Cranes.  Lovely fabrics.  Something about black and red and gold together…..

These are Sharon D’s African Villages, neat African fabrics.

This is Linda and her scarecrow friend.  He’s so cute I just had to share.  He’s a table runner and he holds some gourds or pumpkins in his hands that are made of stuffed gloves….


  1. Your SS class piece is absolutely gorgeous, Debra! Your quilting is lovely!

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