Posted by: flamingodebra | October 29, 2011

October has been a Whirlwind

Wow!  October has been a blur….. the 1st and 2nd I was at the Nelson Quilt Show.  I had a wonderful weekend there with lots of great quilters and friends!  A great big THANK YOU goes out to Kathy Salvador, Timmy-Jeanne Tack and Bernadette Ward for unloading, setting up my booth AND Coffee and Breakfast.   And then, after a fabulous weekend – my angel, Cathie Scott and her sister-in-law Karen had me disassembled and loaded into the truck in record time!   I am so blessed to have wonderful and artistic friends!  Then I spent the rest of the week packing and getting ready for my classes at MQX, got some bookwork done and even some house cleaning….. and I quilted one quilt  – This is Darlene’s quilt, it was a sampler quilt that was set with some plain squares to show off the pretty fabrics and some interesting sashing to give it that little sumpin’…

And then….. we left for Portland the Tuesday after (Canadian) Thanksgiving.  Valerie, Kathy and I drove to Spokane together and met up with Donna and Irene at the Airport….. Donna was our ‘Travel Director’ and let us know when/where we needed passports and/or credit cards to check in, what we needed to remove for security and which direction to go.  Valerie was our ‘Accomodation Ambassador’ and took care of our rooms and shuttles and had us staying at the Crowne Plaza in Portland, 2 blocks from the Convention Centre and the Train…. the easiest and most relaxing trip I have experienced in a long time….. everything was so smooth.

When we arrived, we went up to our rooms and then met in the restaurant at the hotel for a snack and a Lemon Drop….. and we met Emmy from Astoria too…. then we went over to the Ice Cream Social and MQX West was underway!  Bill met us at the door and got us our goody bags and name tags…. we me the teachers, had a show and tell and looked at a sampling of the goodies we would see in the vendor mall…… there were prizes, a song and ice cream!

Wednesday morning we all headed out to class for 8am, and after that a few of us had some spare time so we wandered over to the MALL….. I found the most gorgeous boots…… but I didn’t get them…. we stopped for lunch and I thought I might go back for the boots when I was on my own but I discovered my wallet was in my class bag and NOT in my purse….. so I had to go back to the hotel.  Then I met Kathy for lunch  and we had classes again, so no mall.  The girls were able to go to the awards ceremony and have a sneek peak at the quilt show and when I finished my class I met them and we went for dinner at a great seafood restaurant……

On Thursday I took the Painting Faces class with Bonnie McCaffery all day….. my face looks a little cross-eyed but my lips turned out ok.  It was such a revelation for me to start with a smaller piece of fabric and applique that on to the actual quilt….. that way if you get cross-eyed or goof up your eyebrows (which I did too), you have not ruined your whole big piece…. after class I headed up to the quilt show and vendor mall…… WOW – Sensory Overload after having to think all day ….. beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, etc…. we were all so over excited, we had Jean for Otis Orchards meet up with us and we just headed down to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner.  Then we got out for a little walk to make sure that Jean got back to her hotel alright and then straight to bed!

Friday was a day of classes again.  Sue Patten first thing – holy coffee man, she talks fast and it’s all information you want to absorb…… I have used a ton of things from that class already.  Then I blew right into the class with Sharon Schamber.  OMG!  Curved piecing – you glue it together to start with and then sew.  I have mine glued together and honestly, I could just quilt it now….. but I will sew it just so that I can  see how ‘easy’ it really is.  Fantastic tips all the way through her class and her ability to read people is amazing….. so than I flew back to the hotel to meet up with the girls to go to the Banquet!  I met Lynn in Tacoma a few years back and we had a blast, I heard that she was there but I hadn’t seen her yet and we ran into her and Carrie on our way to the banquet….. so they sat with us and Michelle M from Calgary and another lady from the MQR group, but I don’t remember her name….. we had such a good time.  There was a Trunk Show from Charlotte Angotti and she was super entertaining!  Back at the Hotel, there were Drag Queens everywhere….. I asked one if (s)he could show me how to do my makeup and, NO, I  was not  obliged….. I really was trying to be complimentary, her skin looked flawless and the eyes were amazing….. so we spent some time in the lobby watching wigs, gowns and jewelry brought in….. Saturday was the Coronation ceremony….. next year we may try to get tickets.

Saturday, I hit the vendor mall and Donna and I hopped the Train to go downtown too….. cool market on Saturday morning, we’ll have to go next year…. we wandered around for a while and had to get back to the Hotel to check out.  We had about an hour to wait for our shuttle so we took up residence in the lobby and watched the Drag Queens…… Kathy made some friends and got invited to the party on the 9th floor but we had to go.  So, we flew to Spokane and checked in there. Thought we might head into town or to the Casino for dinner but everyone was very quiet (read exhausted) and we stayed at the hotel for dinner and early to bed.

Sunday morning, we got up, met for breakfast and then went over to the fairgrounds for the Washington State Quilt show, we had a fabulous couple of hours wandering around there….. more quilts, more vendors and then there was also a bead show we popped into before getting in the car and heading home.  We had a very pleasant border guard to deal with and we were through there with no anxiety in record time.  When I got home, my wonderful husband had the nicest dinner ready and I don’t think I stopped talking for a few hours.

Then I quilted this quilt for Diana.  It may be hung in the Rock Creek Quilt show next weekend, Nov 5th and 6th and the Rock Creek Fairgrounds.  Sounds like it is going to be an amazing show…… the picture does not do these fabrics any justice at all…. so go to the show and see it!

Then last weekend I was able to go to the Rossland Quilt Show!  (5 shows in two months and the 6th next weekend)  When I got there, Bernadette and Valerie had me unloaded in no time and Bern set up my booth – again!  Wow, I have done this lots and it is SUCH A TREAT to have help!  THANX GIRLS!  Another wonderful weekend filled with quilts, visiting and yummy treats!  Helen and her kitchen friends took excellent care of me!  Lorena – with her broken arm – took care of things when I needed a little break….. the ghost of the Miner’s Hall didn’t turn out the lights on me this time in the basement bathroom…..

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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