Posted by: flamingodebra | October 8, 2011

Some Quilts for you

I have just gone through my photos and realized that there are so many that you need to see!  and a reminder that I will be away this coming week October 11 – 17 at Machine Quilters Exposition in Portland, Oregon.  I am looking forward to a great trip with some wonderful friends and there will be quilts and classes and vendors, oh my!

So, we’ll start with June’s Quilt.  I believe she said it was her first quilt, possibly a mystery quilt.  She did a very nice job on it, even after running out of fabric and trying to find some to match.  I did not do such a great job taking pictures – so there’s only this one that turned out alright.

This is a quilt that Ali made for her husband, he sings in a choir and enjoys a nice glass of wine so she found some fabrics that sang to her.

This is the Slocan Valley Threads Guild Raffle quilt.  It was designed by one of their artistic members and assembled by the whole group.  There were many that worked on the quilt that had never used a sewing machine before….. gorgeous quilt!

Ria made this wonderfully colorful quilt!  Great combination of colour….

Wendy loves Thimbleberries, and she always tweaks the pattern just so….. here’s her creation with outstanding hand applique….

Pauline had these two for me, her husband Larry passed away this spring and she made this one from his shirts.  The second one was given to her by the Castlegar Quilters guild.  It’s called a friendship quilt.  Each member makes and signs a block and they are presented to a guild member when we need to show our support.

The ever productive Sharon D had a couple more for me to do too.  At the Nelson Kootenay Quilter’s Quilt Show last weekend, Sharon had a fantastic display of quilts to show off…… you would think that that’s all she does is quilt…..

Debbie from Kelowna met me in Grand Forks at the quilt show to drop off her Jinny Beyer quilt…. such rich colours and precise piecing…. the mitres on the borders were perfect!

Jean H did this tablecloth for fall, again the colours were warm and rich, I could have curled up in it.












This is Angeline’s quilt. ***I have been informed that this is the “George Quilt” that was won by Angeline, the blocks were made by members of  The Rossland Quilters Guild and the quilt top was assembled by Nina who won last year’s George and had to design the next one(see Nina’s comment below for the pattern info)…. since Angeline won the quilt, she will have to design another and the guild members will need to make the blocks, etc.  The guild liked the quilt so much, they made another one for their raffle quilt for their upcoming show – October 22 and 23 Angeline says she’s hoping to win the other one so that she can have a set of them!  There’s another local guild that makes two sets of blocks when they do a raffle quilt…. I was very confused!  Thank you Nina for letting me know…. and nice job piecing the blocks together!


It’s a busy time of year here at the Flamingo Motel too….. we have a group of guests that stay with us frequently throughout the year but there is always one night in the fall when they are all here the same night.  They BBQ in the Gazebo and I make them pie.  So I went out to the apple tree that morning and shook a branch.  This is what fell off that branch.  I made 6 pies. And I have lots left.  Marg and Peter came by today to pick the concord grapes and we filled up a box of apples for them too.  There’s still TONS, and they are big and juicy and sweet!  Please come and pick some…..


  1. Your quilting is amazing as ever! I especially love how you did Jean’s tablecloth, the green/gold.purple one, the border is very clever!

    Have a wonderful trip to Portland and MQX West! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Hi, Deb!
    The George quilt was from Australian Patchwork and Quilting
    Vol 8 No 2. Designed by Lynn Lang, the windblown effect was a
    geometric twist inspired by techniques in Sharyn Squier Craig’s book Twist and Turn.

  3. Thanks, Deb!
    The correstions are great.
    I heard lots of great comments about your fabric selection.
    What are you going to do without Motorcycles and Mustangs?

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