Posted by: flamingodebra | August 13, 2011

What? We’re halfway through August?

But it was just June last week!  Summers fly by around here, I so hope that fall is nice and long so that we don’t end up in next year before we know it.  Speaking of years, it was my birthday this week, in case you didn’t get the email that my husband sent to almost everyone on his address list…… It started out to be a rough day, asking myself ‘what have I done this year’ but it turned out to be a wonderful day!  I heard from family and friends throughout the day, had hugs that were sent from Calgary, wonderful flowers, went for a GREAT breakfast – at Dawn’s cafe…..of course.  Then we went golfing after the shop closed and the motel filled up and off to dinner. And we’ve been enjoying a visit from my brother-in-law Ron too!  Last night we had an impromtu BBQ in the gazebo with friends from Calgary and it is shaping up to be a fabulous day today too!

I realize that I have a ton of quilts to show you and they are all pretty cool, so here goes;

This is Karen’s Grizzly bear quilt.  The centre is surrounded by log cabin blocks and bear paw prints made from an ultrasuede.  The bear himself was layers of ultrasuede fused together, pretty neat quilt for her daughter’s wedding!






These are Louise G’s quilts;  pieced trees, chickens and eggs and a stack n whack.  Some small projects that just needed some thread and batting to finish them off!

This is Barb’s Triangles.  Barb is the scoolteacher that sent me the NFB link to Notes on a Triangle and I could see it in my mind when I was quilting her quilt!  I loved the fabrics that she used.




This next one is Nola’s.  I love the fabrics on this one too… I guess I am perhaps a little diverse in my colour preferences…..colour is just beautiful to me and when it’s put together like this, well?  You tell me…






This is the 40 Year quilt I’m sure you’ve heard about.  Betty started cross stitching the centre of this quilt when her twins were just a year old.  I believe she said that they are now 43?  and I think there were 4 other siblings too…. no wonder it took 40 years!  There were quilting lines printed on the quilt and I just followed the lines and put some feathers in the borders!









This is Vicki’s quilt, I think of it as Brick blocks… the pieces are all the same size twice as long as they are wide(like bricks) and they work up into a cool design….. again, love these colours too!






This is Peggy’s Jewel Box quilt…. we took some classes from Laurie Turik a few years ago and this was one of them.  Peggy’s had this done for some time and was waiting for me  to quilt it.







This is a quilt called Curve Play, a class taught by Dianne Jansson of Di-Versity Quilting in Pritchard.  Peggy chose the colours to go with the african animals on the border….. I think a grandson is getting this one for a housewarming gift.





And this one is from a class taught by Cathy Korolek from Heart n Sole quilts in Grand Forks….. from the book Stratavarious.  Peggy used bits and pieces she had in her stash to work this into a fabulous graduation gift for another Grandaughter.









And this is Terry H’s quilt.  She’s always been a purple and blue girl but she ‘stepped out of her box’ with this one and even painted her bedroom green to match the quilt….. the Greek Key pattern looks fabulous….


  1. Love, love, love, all those quilts! More for the “to-do” list!

  2. Thanx Gloria!

  3. Are there any patterns for Karen’s Grizzly Bear quilt? That is so awesome. I have wanted to make a bear quilt.

  4. Kevin, I have only found this link to one of the silouhettes – It’s called Bear Watching by Willow Bend Creations. The rest of the quilt I think was inspired by a trip to Alaska???? on a cruise????? Pretty cool quilt.

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