Posted by: flamingodebra | June 26, 2011

There is always a Beginning and an Ending

So Begins a new shopping experience at the Quiltworx!  We have rearranged everything by colour….. it was just getting ‘outta hand’ trying to keep collections together and I think it may have limited the possibilities too….. there are sooooo many things that go so great with other things and we could have missed it because it was on another shelf!  Do you believe it?  Here’s a quick peek at what happened today……


So a BIG THANK YOU to Noeline – the Fabulous TrendTex rep for suggesting the changes and a HUGE THANK YOU to Cathie who came over this morning and helped me make it possible!

Here’s hoping that this will help us find some of those previously hidden gems!  There’s also the new BOX of BARGAINS!  With $8/m cottons and $6/m Flannels!
Here’s a quilt with a little story, my friend Carol brought me this quilt.  It was made by Ev, her mother in law.  I have quilted lots of quilts for Ev over the last few years and we always had a great time when she was in a class or stopped in for a visit.  Ev finished this quilt last fall and ended up in the hospital and passed away all in the same week.  She loved to spend time with her family and travelled around and visited them a lot.  She was also a Reiki Master and just a great person.  She is missed.  Carol asked me to quilt some Reiki symbols on the quilt and some words that would remind them of Ev…… she signed her cards ‘Lots and Lots of Love’ so we quilted that into the bottom right hand corner too.  It was pretty special for me to work on this one.
And the End to another Era……my motorcycle went to a new home last week too.  I hadn’t ridden it for quite a while and a fella was extremely excited to load it on his truck and take it home.  I guess I am no longer a ‘Biker Chick’…… just a ‘Babe on the Back’ when I get to go for a ride with my fabulous hubby……


  1. LOOKS WONDERFUL DEB! Too bad about the bike…but you know that you made someone else over the moon happy and that feels pretty good!


  2. It looks wonderful!!!!!! I know it is a lot of work but the quilters in Castlegar and area are going to be so excited. You will always be a biker babe!!! have a great summer. Noeline

  3. Thanx Girls!

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