Posted by: flamingodebra | April 18, 2011


Last week, I had two large, beautiful quilts picked up and their piecers were so excited that they hugged me and I could see their eyes light up.  I really appreciate that reaction and I wait for it when the quilt is unfolded, it’s the best part of my day.  That’s why I enjoy what I do sooooo much and I realize how fortunate I am to be able to do something I love almost every day. 

Here are some more quilts, there have been lots over the last little while, so I hope I get them all in.  If I am missing yours, please let me know!

This is Marg S’s quilt, she did an awesome job on the stars and we used different metallic threads in certain spots…. lots of feathers!

This is Donna’s Hockey Player, I was waiting for him for a long time, she told me about him and then would bring me another quilt instead.  Was he ever worth the wait!  Pretty cool….. we quilted Maple Leafs into the corners.

This is Sharon L’s quilt, she made it for a niece and nephew(in law) that are getting married in Jamaica!  The back was a quilt too….. Sharon lives in Ontario and sends her quilts all the way accross the country to be quilted……. here’s another tip….. Sharon took her first classes at the same shop in Calgary that I did, Freckles…. and her beginner class teacher told her to number her quilts on her labels – great idea! 

This is Norma’s Border Creek Mystery quilt… with her very own design element in lieu of the applique.  Wonderful warm colours make this quilt extra cozy.

TThis is Donna W’s quilt, all absolutely stunning hand applique.  I loved her fabric choices and every block was gorgeous.  It was a block of the month she did in Kamloops at Katja’s Quilt Shop I believe.

This is Nola’s quilt.  All elegant fabrics using the Turning Twenty pattern.  We did lots of swirls and used a fluffier batting to reflect the light off of all the shiney fabrics.  We put a solid black cotton sateen on the back and used a gold thread in the bobbin so it would show.

Leona made this baby quilt up for some friends, simple and cuddly!

Joy made this second Black and White and Red quilt for her stepson – she did another one similar for her son a little while ago….. nice pattern and lots of different fabrics.

Sharon D made this Pansy quilt from a set of blocks that she won with the Nelson Guild, they often do a block lottery…. make your block and put it in the draw….. she used a pansy fabric on the back and in the sashings and borders too.  Since each block was different, we did a different fill in every one!

This is June’s Border Creek Mystery quilt complete with the applique blocks.  I really liked her choice of colours…. it is a cream even if it looks yellow in the picture (may be time for a new camera?)  I may have taken the picture after dark too……



  1. WOW! Gorgeous quilts!!! Nice job both piecers and Deb too!

  2. Thanx Trace! Can’t wait to get your quilts!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful quilts and quilted by an exceptional quilter.
    Perfect finish to a work of art. Well done everyone!!!!

  4. Wow, Debra, what a bunch of gorgeous quilts! Nice job, on your part, too!

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