Posted by: flamingodebra | March 12, 2011

And Just a Couple More

There are always lots of quilts in the Quiltworx.  And they are all unique, pretty, stunning, gorgeous, intriguing, etc….. I really enjoy what I do every day.  I spend a lot of time in awe of what other quilters have accomplished, I can’t help it!  If I spent that time quilting, I may be on schedule…. here’s some more quilts you haven’t seen yet, Enjoy.

This is Diane’s Aloha Cats.  So cute!  The fans are made with a stack n whack method.  We finished off the setting triangles with palm trees to compliment the Surfing Cats.

This is Jan’s Bargello, beautiful colour combination, I believe she said it would hang in her living room.

This is Sue’s White Chocolate, nice mix of creams, whites and golds.  Beautiful.

This is Heather’s Border Creek Station Mystery Quilt.  Sorry I don’t recall the name of the mystery, but I’d say it was well worth all of the effort she put into it!  What a wonderful combination of fabrics.  I used a background fill behind the applique I could describe as Art Deco-ish (in my humble opinion)

This is Bernadette’s Quilt.  Her friend picked out the colours and will get it for her birthday!This is Richard’s Quilt, he used the Mocha Mint Bali Pop, the Yin Yang pattern and added his own special touch with some bear paws and batiks from his collection.

This is the other side of Richard’s Quilt, he uses a lot of the Asian Prints and they work well with the batiks.  I do believe this is his own design.



  1. What a fabulous selection of beautiful works of art. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanx so much!

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