Posted by: flamingodebra | March 10, 2011

Moda Club

On the first Tuesday of the Month, we have Moda Club.  We have about 35 quilters signed up for Moda Club and we have had 18 in the shop at one time.  We enjoy a Moda Pattern which I have a sample done up and demonstrate the steps to make up a simple project.  The patterns come from the Moda Bakeshop  and the Moda Fabrics website where there’s tons of cool stuff to make!  Then we have a show and tell, some door prizes and fabric samples to share.  Next Fall, we’ll start up again and maybe we’ll need to add an extra session!  A HUGE Thank You to Noeline and Trend Tex Fabrics for providing us with Moda Fabrics, samples and door prizes!!!!!

Here’s some pictures from Moda Club….I wish I’d taken more – everything is always extraordinary!Heather and her Christmas Tree,Elsie and a Coin Quilt she made with some of her Moda Fabrics,Joy and her tablerunner made from her Fig Tree collection, and Val with a little quilt that she made with some Moda samples and a striped fabric on the bias for sashings….. very brave.  And Heather made another tablerunner from a pattern she had, gorgeous! Joy did another tablerunner in more ‘modern’ colours….. and June made a table cloth from Moda’s Nature’s Notebook fabrics ( my apologies for photographic non-skills)


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