Posted by: flamingodebra | January 7, 2011

Long Overdue

Here are some quilt pictures for you – finally!  I apologize for not showing off some of these gorgeous quilts sooner!

These are Reenie’s quilts, she started by sewing all of her scraps together and then split it in half and added borders so each grandson would get a quilt!

This is Diane’s quilt called ‘Trapper’s Log Cabin’ the cabin is set into a star formed from log cabin blocks.  A well received Christmas gift for her grandson!

This is Joy H’s quilt made for her son to congratulate him on receiving his Journeyman papers…. nice reward for some hard work!

This is Joy L’s quilt – a for a little girl this time!  Teeny tiny hand applique stitches make the alphabet fun!

This is a fun quilt that Shirley at Heart n Sole Quilts in Grand Forks made up!  Great accents with the turquiose strips and cool batiks!

This is one of my quilts, it is a class we will do in March – check out the ‘Class Schedule’ page (there’s a tab at top of this page) it’s called The Simplest Quilt in the World. 

There are a couple of quilts on my Facebook page for Flamingo Quiltworx… I will post them when I get on to my other computer…..and take a look at the “What’s In Store” page, there are tons of new additions there too!



  1. Hello Debra: I was just wondering if you could give me some rough measurements on your purple quilt- length and width of middle larger piece of fabric and the lengh of side pieces – I can figure out width of sides just kind of need a guideline… If you could email me with approx that would be fantastic
    Oh by the way I did get to your girlfriends quilt shop in Grand Forks. Beautiful also.
    thank you Roni Norman

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