Posted by: flamingodebra | November 28, 2010

Two for the Show

Has anyone read those Stepahie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich?  One for the Money, Two for the Show, etc.  they are very funny  – it’s been years since I read them, might be time for another read…..Here’s a few quilts for the show that were done in the two weeks before the show!  I get distracted easily, don’t I?

Here is Marg’s bargello that she made in our spring class.  Very pretty colours, and perfect piecing….

This is Sharon’s quilt.  She asked for feathers in the large blocks and then I echoed the perfect hand applique.

Here is Wendy’s Thimbleberries quilt.  It began from the Pumpkin  House pattern and evolved as Wendy added her ‘touch’ with some leaves from her back yard as inspiration.  We put in two layers of Bamboo Batting and it is heavy….. it’ll keep everyone warm!

Here is Val’s Iris Quilt.  She was such a good sport and very patient and picked up her quilt the Tuesday before the show(we hung quilts on Thursday).  Val had some drawings of Iris and some ancient Iris drawings that we incorporated into the quilting. 

If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge for you!  I hope you enjoy them.  The next post is new today too.  I have a TON of new fabrics coming in December and a whole bunch of books and notions will be here just in time for Christmas….. We are still gratefully accepting pillow case donations too – until December 15th you will receive $5 off the regular price of a metre of fabric for each pillowcase you donate!  I have pillowcase kits in the store for $10 each, and if you donated your pillowcase, you’d end up spending only $5 to do something for your community.  These pillowcases will be donated for the local Christmas Hampers  – wouldn’t it be wonderful for everyone to get a new pillowcase for Christmas?  Here’s a link to the One Million Pillowcase Challenge website and the patterns.  and they are so quick and easy that you can get 6 or 8 finished for gifts in the few hours before you leave for your Christmas events! (at least that’s what happened last year before we left for Calgary!)



  1. Hey Debra,
    Funny you should mention those books. I am into the 3rd one and love them. Very entertaining. Just a question my in laws are coming to Castlegar in a couple of weeks and want my christmas wish list. Could you send me some snap shots of the material you are currently carrying so that I can send them your way to do some shopping? Thanks !! Have a good day hope it’s warmer there than has been here in Saskatchewan.

  2. hi Yvette, I will email you some pics of the new stuff since your last visit! and you can form your ‘wish list’….. it is warmer here but that makes it slippery like crazy!

  3. Thank you!! That would be wonderful they are planning to come that way on the 9th. so if you could send me those pics before then that would be great. Looking forward to them. might have to do some shopping of my own as well.
    Take care

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