Posted by: flamingodebra | October 10, 2010

It seems like all I do is Quilt!

Because, that is all I’ve done is quilt.  Friday evening, I had to go to the grocery store to get some buns….. and realized I hadn’t been out since Tuesday!  Fortunely, we’ve got company, so I did stop to put the turkey in last night and have a wonderful dinner with family and friends.

Here is Mary, Sandra and myself at Castleview Care Home.  With all of the pillowcases donated for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge, we were able to donate 50 to the residents of Castleview. This is Willa’s One Block Wonder.  She picked up the fabric from me last year and put this gorgeous quilt together for her grandaughter.

These are Cathy’s Quilts from Heart ‘n Sole quilt shop in Grand Forks.  She has a great eye for putting together cool combinations.

This is Carol from Calgary’s quilt.  She used fabrics she loves and turned out this very pretty quilt!

And here is Jean H’s Mystery quilt from 2009…

I have put a couple of classes on to the Class Schedule page – for after the quilt show of course!  If there is something you and your quilter friends would like to try out, let me know and we’ll arrange a date for you! 

I do hope to have some ‘Finish It Up” days in the New Year – yes, it is just around the corner…. I’m looking for suggestions as to what day would work for those that want a day to just quilt!



  1. Debra,

    Just being new to this ‘blog’, I find that the pictures come large, so great on a double click… will have to go back to my ‘Germany” quilt to see if that one does as well. Glad I joined your newsletter or blog.. Barb J

  2. Love the One Block Wonder! What a great fabric! Who would’ve known it would turn out so gorgeous!

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