Posted by: flamingodebra | August 12, 2010

Exciting News!

Join us in September for the first Moda Club!  Moda Club will meet on the first Tuesday of each month, we’ll have an afternoon meeting at 1pm and an evening meeting at 7pm.  You’ll need to sign up for a Demo of a new project each month and there will be a Draw for Free Moda Fabric and Free Patterns at each meeting!
Bag Lady Day will be postponed a week until August 21st!  come on in for a Free Bag Demo at 11am or 1pm on Saturday the 21st.  It is usually on the Second Saturday of the month, however, I need to close the shop on Friday and Saturday this week (the 13th and 14th) because we have an event to attend and it’s the only weekend we can secure a motel sitter for a little while!
And… take a look at our new Clearance Fabrics!  We have lots of fabrics on for $12/m!!!!!  There’s so much new fabric that is sitting on the floor and there’s so much more to come….. the new Let It Snow Batiks are going fast and the Nature’s Glow collection by Northcott is a HUGE HIT! 
You may have seen the For Sale sign at the Motel…. don’t panic!  We have decided that we’d like to focus on our other interests.  I would love to be able to quilt full time and Frank is also a realtor  and there seems to be less and less time to do the things we HAVE to do and that leaves even less time for the things we WANT to do….. We have not made any concrete plans yet, but I do know I will still be quilting for customers whatever happens, because I do love it so much!

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