Posted by: flamingodebra | July 26, 2010

More Quilts

Well, here it is, Monday morning.  I have had breakfast, done my workout and finished the background for my summer 3D applique project.  And now I am waiting for guests to leave so that I can get to the rooms!

Here are the quilts that I wanted to show you on the weekend.  This is Diane’s Seasons Around the Block quilt.  There are little houses and seasonal scenes all very small and all very well thought out.  The whole quilt measures about 42″ by 50″.  The fence posts around the outside were just a ‘hoot’ and finished off the piece perfectly.  Take a look at the stained glass windows in the church and the little animals hiding out in the gardens.

These are Ali’s quilts, one is  for her (we all need to make ourselves a quilt once in a while) out of fabrics that she just loves and the other is a quilt for a friend.  How refreshing – lime and orange with some hummingbirds buzzing around.  We still have lots of these fabrics here in the Quiltworx too!



This is Heather’s quilt.  Her daughter Amanda came and picked all of the fabrics and Heather did a fabulous job putting them all together!  I love the combo of Red and White and Black.

This is Bernadette’s Hidden Wells quilt, she made it for her cousin that recently visited from Scotland.


And then this is Marie’s Mystery quilt from last year.  Her daughter helped her finish it up and I applied the binding to the front so that all she needs to do is the hand stitching on the back.  I believe it is a gift for her other daughter’s housewarming, but I could be incorrect (not wrong).

Well, I had better get at it….. I have the coolest little quilt on the frame today and I have some fabulous ideas for it!  and…. my housekeeper called and will be in later to do my rooms for me too!!!!!  Aren’t Mondays just GREAT!


  1. WOW, how inspiring!!!! I think I’d better start working on my quilts…


    Trace 🙂

  2. The Seasons quilt is great! Love the clothesline, outhouse, and your quilting words and symbols in the border! Gotta look that pattern up!

  3. Holy cow! I don’t visit for a while, and the whole place has changed! Loved looking through all the quilts and your new fabrics! Now I’m all inspired to get to the machine today. Thanks for the nudge!

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