Posted by: flamingodebra | June 13, 2010

Back Home

Well, I spent the weekend with my husband in Osoyoos…. I so needed a break and he made all the arrangements so that we could get away – and I protested “I’ll have to close my shop and I’m so far behind” but he said that I needed a rest and I had to get away.  So off we went.

The Cactus Jalopies of Osoyoos had their 5th Annual Desert Beach Cruise this weekend and the weather was wonderful!  and so was the event.  We had a great time Bowling and Pizza night on Thursday and met some really great folks.  Friday was an Open House at the coolest Hod Rod Shop (we got a personal tour from Kristin and Sarah on Thursday afternoon) and then a Poker Run to 5 different wineries.  We stopped at each winery and picked up a card for our poker hand, sampled (me not Frank – he’s a tea totaller(?)/driver) some wonderful wines and met more nice people, we were even invited back to Pat and Dan’s to see their project car – wow, what a nice place.  Then Friday night we went out to Pam and Fred’s home for an awesome BBQ, complete with dogs, kids and a live band….. in their vineyard, of course.  Even the police officer was nice when he stopped us to ‘remind’ us to slow down.  Saturday had us all parked at Gyro Beach in Osoyoos for the Show and Shine, and the Ladies’ Poker Walk.  I did the walk with Carol and Laura and we stopped into some great shops on Main Street and picked up more cards for another hand of poker – and we shopped.  Then we went for Gelato and the cars packed up and went on a little cruise around town.

Later in the afternoon we went to a place a little out of town   – Ken and Corrine’s home – another stunning place.  Here, the car club folks handed out the Awards for the Show and Shine – Frank’s car won the “Topless” award – it’s a convertible…..and we won some door prizes – and I had a winning hand in the Poker Walk.  I won a gorgeous bag from the 85th Street Boutique…. Then it was on to dinner with a great group of people and after that, we were invited to JF and Kristin’s home…. and guess what….. yes, stunning again.  We left early – 10:30 or so, we had to get up this morning for the Drag Races. 

Another couple of hours in the sun this morning was all I could take.  So now I am home.  I forgot my camera and I am so disappointed.  There was a load of inspiration for quilting even at the car show.  The flames, the shapes of the fenders and I have a new passion for the “Pinstriping” that is done by hand on a lot of the cars to add that finishing touch.  I’ve seen it done before and appreciate the steady hand and the eye for placement.  I have even tried to emulate it in paint – but I traced it out first…. they don’t.  Now I know I can do it in thread.  I can’t wait to give it a shot. 

Also, JF showed us how he built his showcar – R’Evolution which has taken some pretty impressive awards and was quite a project.  He talked about the actual process of showing cars.  It sounds as though it is very similar to showing quilts…… everything had to be perfect.  Even the undercarriage of the car was flawless and the wood that lined the inside of the wagon shone like glass – if he was a quilter, all of his points would be perfect.

I so wish I had pictures for you.  I have some quilts being picked up early this week so I’ll have some pictures later on…. and pics of the Castlegar Raffle quilt too!


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