Posted by: flamingodebra | March 16, 2010

Bag Ladies

We had fun on Bag Lady Day which was Saturday….. we did this bag from the Canadian Cottage collection of fabrics and then I made another one (wait I should clarify, I started another one) out of the Dogwood fabric that’s on the last post!

I did get a few quilts done last week, however, they are on their way home tomorrow morning and I’ll post some pics when I hear from their quilters….it is such a great pleasure for me to work on other peoples’ quilts.  I get to see something new every few days.  Right now I have a quilt on my frame that was put together from a “Row Robin” and will be raffled off as a fundraiser for the Hospital Auxiliaries of our area.  Can’t wait to post that – Rows were submitted from 11 different quilters and each offered their vision of the West Kootenays.

I listen to a lot of books that I download from the library’s website.  I used to get ones that I could burn  to CD and take them out to my studio and play them on the stereo…. now I can pop them right on to the laptop and listen from there.  Not every one is available to be put on CD, so now I can get almost anything I want.  I have the book “The Year of the Flood” by Margaret Atwood.  She’s a well known Canadian author that I can recall from Junior High English class and then into university too.  Anyhow, I was trying to read the book but had trouble keeping the characters straight and so I was able to get it from the audio library.  Things have been so busy lately, I only got to listen to about half of it before the lending period expired.  I was so disappointed!  I was really enjoying it.  I found my spot in the actual book and I can’t put it down!  I even put it in my purse when I had to go out today…..

And I should mention….. our first One Million Pillowcase Challenge Event started today.  Donate one pillowcase between now and then end of March and receive 10% off your purchases.  Donate TWO pillowcases and receive 20% off your purchases that day.  I have already had some beautiful donations…..


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