Posted by: flamingodebra | March 8, 2010

More Fabrics

I forgot to tell you – my dear husband was able to get my new shelving up last weekend and now I have space for the new fabrics that are coming…. I hated having them on the floor!  There’s so little room to move especially on a class day and then add things to trip over and….. well, there’s more room now it seems!

These new fabrics arrived on Wednesday and they are calling to me to do something with them!   The first three are so bright – I couldn’t resist the dogwoods – that is the provincial flower for BC – and they were gorgeous.  Then there is the pale pink Moda Marble that happens to pick up the pink in the dogwoods and then there are pink Dumb Dots by Michael Miller on Chocolate… the shop,  we also have Chocolate Dumb Dots on pink and on turquoise….. the three of them would be cool together I think.

On Saturday we had a blast doing the Bali Clothesline Boxes…. Karen got hers finished (she always does – she has even dropped off quilts to be quilted on the way home from a class) and Suzie and Kathy got pretty close.  What a fun day!  Saturday night, we went to the Chamber of Commerce Gala, we were nominated for the Tourism and Hospitality Award but it went to the new Bed and Breakfast that offers art classes and retreats.  I’d like to go there…… The evening was still a success.  Anytime you can put together Great Friends, Great Food and Lots of Dancing you have a wonderful time.


Yesterday we pruned the grapes, cleared out the flower beds and the big pond and raked up most of the yard.  We have a big yard.  It was such a beautiful day and wonderful to be outside.  Today will be a quiet day, some rooms to do, a quilt to quilt and maybe some grocery shopping….. my day off!



  1. Lovely fabrics, Debra!

    Love your tiara, too! Looks good on you, you should wear it more often!

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