Posted by: flamingodebra | March 6, 2010

This week!

It was quite a week, Tuesday I had a mom and daughter here to make the Bali Bathmat…. when I  heard “Hi Mommy” first thing in the morning, I realized how much I miss my Sarah… oh well, only about 7 more weeks and I’ll get to spend a whole week with her when I go to Quilt Canada!

Wednesday morning I got up early to finish up the Geisha Girls quilt for Debbie in Kelowna.  She’s made this for her mom’s 80th birthday…. I wanted to post the pictures right away but I thought I should wait until Deb saw it first!

Gorgeous fabrics and all the details on the geisha were quilted in… so cool (if I do say so myself).  The Tuscany Wool batting really gave the right amount of loft too.

Then I packed it up and went for a walk to the courier depot.  I stopped and got myself a Latte and some awesome brownies.  Valerie came by for tea later in the afternoon and I loaded up a little lap quilt for Veronica.  More luxurious wool batting to play with.  I just kept going and soon it was done! 

And besides all that, I ordered my spring linens, my office supplies, got my Saturday (today) class lined up and got some things finalized for the next two quilts!  All on Wednesday.  Good thing I get a day like this once in a while…..I have way too many like Thursday – not much accomplished… got a new quilt loaded and started but that was it.  Friday was pretty good – got half the big quilt done while I listened to my book “The Year of the Flood” by Margaret Atwood.  I have the hard cover version but couldn’t keep everything straight…. now I want to stop listening and start reading but I don’t have time and I can’t quit now…. Margaret Atwood always makes me wonder what she’s thinking… this one’s so possible that it’s scary….. I really enjoyed her “Oryx and Crake” but it didn’t make me sit up and pay attention like this one.

I’d better get going and get ready for the Bali Box class today… clothesline and fabrics and fun friends, how much better can a Saturday be?  Then we’ll be off to the Chamber of Commerce Gala this evening… we’ve been nominated for a Tourism and Hospitality Award….. and we didn’t even nominate ourselves!  So I’ll have to do my hair and put makeup on…. and I have to run out and get some fancy tights too….. gotta go!


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