Posted by: flamingodebra | December 19, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

We are excited to be able to get away for a few days, our “almost children” are coming to stay at the motel while we head off to Calgary to see our real children and the rest of our fabulous families!  Our “almost children” stay at the motel every week, we hardly ever feed them (is that easier than the real children?)  and they help us out with all kinds of little things including delivering quilts….

Here are some quilts that got done just in time for Christmas!

Marg made this quilt for her brother, she had a sample of his curtain fabric and was able to find a pattern that mimicked the shapes in the fabric and she got the colours just right too!  The pattern is called Gemstones and it’s in the “Take Two and Add a Few” book we have in the store.

Heather made this quilt for….. she’s not sure, her daughter had some input with picking out the fabrics but, it will match Heather’s bedroom really well too she said.  I offered to store it on my bed while she made up her mind – it’ll match my bedroom too.  She didn’t go for that.  Gorgeous asian fabrics and a very effective pattern – it’s just half square triangles – we added feathers in wreath type shapes in a subtle silver thread so that it didn’t overpower the fabrics.

********* This is Nola’s Christmas table cloth.  Her Dad is going to get this one.   What a beautiful selection of fabrics and a great pattern.

And… I have been working on some Christmas gifts too, the girlfriends got their silk scarves on Tuesday night when we went out for an awesome dinner at Gabe’s…. I wanted to add some thread to make it truly Quiltworxish but my prototype really didn’t cooperate so I just added some hot-fix Swavorski crystals for a little bling factor!  I used Setacolor paints and layered different strengths and colours.

and…. I finally got a Black and White quilt done…. with wool batting…. for a special sissie-in-law who takes care of everyone and is the best auntie in the world!  I hope she doesn’t read my blog before next week, I just couldn’t wait to share!  I still have to put binding on  – that’ll wait til the last minute I’m sure…..

I was watcning X-Weighted Families the other day.  I know if I just did SOMETHING I would feel better, have some muscle tone and lose some weight.  On this show, there was a young lady, 23 years old that started out with a body mass index of about 35%.   She got on the treadmill every day, rode her bike and her family’s final challenge was a 28km bike ride.  She was able to lose some weight, got down to a 30% BMI and another goal was to overcome her shyness.  She went to Toastmasters and developed her public speaking skills and began to talk to groups about acheiving goals and beating her disablilies.  Analisa has cerebal palsy and epilepsy.  She got on her treadmill despite having a series of seizures, she rode her bike even though she is unable to change gears because she has no use of her right hand.  She wanted to inspire just one other person.  Well, if she can get on a treadmill and ride her bike, I can get up and do a little yoga or tae-bo every day.



  1. Loved the quilts, Debra!

    How dare you make some scarves without your LA group! (haha) You’ll have to show us how! Or maybe, we might have to take a class!

    Love the B & W quilt and especially the back! Your SIL will love it!

    Have a great holiday!

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