Posted by: flamingodebra | December 6, 2009

Well, I’m Glad I’m Not the Only One

Lots of my blog pals have notes on their blogs, “life is happening, I’ll be back soon”, “I am a bad blogger”…. and see, I was feeling guilty about not posting on my blog, but it turns out, it’s not just me!  Everyone is crazy busy these days and there are few opportunities to get EVERYTHING done that you want to!

I have been quilting like a fiend…. yes, a fiend…. wanna see?

This is Joanne’s butterfly quilt.  It was made for a friend’s grandaughter and will be on its way to New Zealand soon.

These are Rhonda’s Christmas Projects, a tree skirt and a wallhanging.  Very festive!

This is Dorothy’s quilt.  When she ‘retired’ and left her job in Manitoba to come out west to the warm weather…. all of her coworkers ‘gave her a hand’ and she put them all on this quilt….. it was so she wouldn’t be bored after retiring.  Ha Ha Ha for anyone who’s met Dorothy…. she’s a whirlwind and is always doing something !

Here’s a shot of Sally’s quilt.  I loved this fabric so much, I bought some but it’s still in the “to do” pile…. now I know how I’ll quilt it!  We added some waves, starfish and seashells in the background.

This is Lynn’s quilt for her Grandaughter…. purple is my favourite and hearts and hummingbirds make this one really special….

This is Shirley W’s quilt, I got some of this fabric at the same time as the beach babies because the pearly finish and soft colours made it irresitable…. Shirley did an awesome job on this quilt, and it was MASSIVE!



  1. You have been busy!

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