Posted by: flamingodebra | November 14, 2009

A Second Chance

Ok, so I have been here typing and downloading pictures for a while this morning, I pressed the wrong button at the wrong time and voila, something I didn’t want to disappear, did.  So, we’ll try again.  The original post was trying to explain that I have quilted this week but I haven’t taken any pictures…. so I have a few for you anyhow.

These are fabrics that also came last week, Nara Gardens from Hoffman.  The large design is fabulously gorgeous and the lighter one is more creamy with gold accents than gold with creamy accents, does that make sense?  and the dark one is a beautiful smoky green that is to die for.


At the end of October, we had Diane Jansson from Di-Versity Quilting in Pritchard, BC (close to Kamloops) come and teach a couple of classes for our guild.  Quilters could take the Land of Maples class over two days and/or the Curve Play class on the second day.  I took the Curve Play class using the Eva collection of fabrics from Moda.  I really enjoyed it.  I have actually gotten it together, still have to add the borders though, but here’s what it looked like on the design wall;

006I was so proud of the progress that I’d made that when Kathy S stopped in to show me what hers looked like, I whipped mine out to show her that I was caught up to her.   Then she pulled a second one out of her bag.  Hmmmmm…. a bit of an overachiever?  It really was easy, fast and effective.  With Diane’s tips on the curved piecing, it really went fast and I worked well.

This is a picture of Elaine’s Land of Maples (another overachiever) – she’d taken this class a while ago from Diane and decided to make a massivIMG_1382e quilt with 16 blocks instead of 4.  More pictures are in the September post when we quilted it.

 I have been picking away at the corner that seems to have accumulated everything that doesn’t have a home.  I’ve been going through my collection of magazines and re-evaluating whether I will ever use the patterns in them that I marked. Some I found in other magazines, and some just don’t appeal anymore – 6 years later, so there are a ton of new magazines in the “Take me Home” pile, so stop in.  I do have to admit that I was a little distracted by a pattern I found Friday night in a Quick Quilts by Fons and Porter…and I started it on Saturday afternoon.  I got the top done – it just needs borders (the story of my life).  It was called Venetian Glass, the magazine had it in reds and golds but I have the fabrics and charcoals, greys and browns.  It is in the Murano collection by Blank Quilting, Graphite colorway.  I’ll have to add a picture later, I thought I had one…..

Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. Love the curved piecing project, Debra! Nice colours. Wish I had taken the class. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

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