Posted by: flamingodebra | October 29, 2009

Quick but Difficult

I love the speed of this new computer… but …. I can’t find anything, I am having difficulties with lots of things…. my bookkeeping software is too old to work, my email list is not here….. I am getting the old one back to hopefully be able to transfer the information and get my GST done(due Monday?). 

So, here is the before pictures of the Quiltworx, this is our original space, very compact and efficient.


and…. here is our new space…..


What do you think?  a lot more space…. I still have some “tweaking” to do.  I want to be able to have some quilters in for workshops – that will entail being able to move my machine  – there’s one wheel so far, the joys of living in a small city, to find things like wheels, u-bolts and other little things that a hardware store would carry, you can find them but there’s only 2 when you need 8 or they take a week to come in.  So patience is a good thing to have. 

I am also a few quilts ‘behind’ which tells me I should focus on those rather than take on another project such as a class schedule right now.  I will probably be ready to rock with my classes/workshops in the New Year… it’s not that far away is it? 63 days until 2010.  Where does the time go?  I ask that a lot.

Here’s a peek at some of the fabrics in Moda’s Evening Mist collection.  We have all of them.  They are so pretty, soothing, muted, gorgeous, they beg to be touched, fondled, petted…. IMG_1461


  1. Your new space looks awesome, Debra! I’m so jealous!

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