Posted by: flamingodebra | October 24, 2009

Great News!

My wonderful hubby ordered a new computer yesterday!  Now loading pictures won’t take two hours!  I’ll be able to do some quick updates that are really quick…. this faithful old computer has been with us for about 15 years, I guess it’s time for it to retire…..

I had a great time at the Rossland Quilters’ Show last weekend…. what an awesome display…. they had lots of beautiful quilts, lots of tecniques, designs and they ranged from very traditional to the extreme artsy.  There was a quilt that depicted Red Mountain – where many Canadian Olympic Skiers got their start…. I ran around a bit and took some pictures, but I was so busy visiting that I didn’t see all of them (again).  Since Rossland has their very own Professional LongArm Quilter – Valerie Rollins – there was only one quilt in the show that I had quilted.  This is a picture of Nina’s quilt hanging in the show.


Here are some quilts that I’ve been able to quilt lately…

This is Rhonda’s Flannel Snowman Quilt.  She lives in Saskatchewan so a flannel quilt with wool batting is perfect for warmth and cuddling.






This is Verna’s Quilt.  She calls me a BRAT everytime she sees me – all because of this quilt…. at our Guild’s year-end BBQ, my friend Sandi came over and we made enough little goodie bags for everyone…. some had little goodies and some had fabric… Verna’s had ten 10″ sqares in it.  Later on in the week, she came in to the quiltworx with her squares wanting to use them in a quilt.  We put together some fabrics and when we couldn’t figure out how much she’d need for the sashing, she took the whole bolt to use on the back too.   So she went home, cut out the fabrics that she bought and started sewing.  Turns out the original ten blocks were a little smaller than the ones that were cut and pieced already… so they didn’t make it into the quilt.  So, I quilted straight lines into the sashings – I have avoided straight lines for approximately 3 years but I’m good at them now.  Then we put a custom swirl into the blocks.  We used Madeira PolyNeon Silver thread in the sashings, setting blocks and the bobbin and Superior Rainbows Allspice in the blocks.


These last three pictures are of the back.  We had even cut strips from each fabric for the binding… they were incorporated into the back and the binding will be all one fabric. 

Hope you enjoyed these two, I’ll  try and speed up so I have more to show you soon!  Hopefully, I find a housekeeper soon…. both of my great ones applied for and got casual, part-time jobs.  They are so awesome, they have both been offered full-time careers.  I knew that would happen – good on them, one is working with Seniors and the other has become the Sales Manager for one of the big hotels in town.  I do wish them both well and appreciate everything they have done to help me out, including posting ads for a new helper for me!



  1. Love the swirlies, Debra!

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