Posted by: flamingodebra | September 13, 2009

What to do?

Okay,  I know I should be quilting…. but I am sure that you are wondering why there have been no new quilt pictures for a while…. because I’ve been quilting!

We spent the weekend in Grand Forks, my hubby lounged and toodled around while I was at the show and then we had a nice dinner each night, no phone or doorbell ringing…. just baseball players and (too young) giggling girls outside our motel room late at night… we survived and felt like we’d had a bit of a break anyhow.  And now it’s a whole week later and where did the time go?  I was quilting….


So here’s what my booth looked like at the beginning of the show,



Here are some quilts that have gone home over the last few weeks.

This is Brenda’s QuiltIMG_1311, we added the cream borders and tickled it with feathers all over.  These colours are so nice,  I would have liked to have had this one for myself, I guess it’ll just have to go into the ‘Inspiration’ file to do something similar.



This is my new bag.  It was a pattern called Grids and Grommets from Indygo Junction.  It was very easy to make…. except when I tried to quilt it on my little machine…. I am spoiled, I had to wait til the A-1 was free and pop it on.  It’s the perfect size and I lined it with pink butterflies…








This is Noeline’s quilt, she made it for her sister – who loves it!  Noeline is my Trend-Tex Fabrics rep and she is largely responsible for the beautiful fabrics that come into my shop!  She always has great ideas and good advice!

IMG_1318This Courthouse steps was done with a Jelly Roll and matching linen border… mmm.




  1. I love the grommet bag. I work for Indygo Junction and love seeing the various ways people have made up our Grids & Grommets bag. Keep up the good work.

  2. I got some patterns for the Grommet Grab Bag too….. will post some picks when those are ready…. the grommets are so easy to use and really give the bags a finished look! Thanx for coming up with awesome projects Indygo Junction folks.

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