Posted by: flamingodebra | August 11, 2009

Fly Away!

Every year we have the same robins build nests and have about 3 broods of babies…. yesterday the third round left the nest…. I missed the actual ‘leap of faith’ but here’s the moment of preparation and dad being encouraging

IMG_1255 IMG_1253                                                    




It is fun to see how fast they grow and I think I can pick out the older siblings when the big worm hunts are going on. 

Here’s Kathy S’s Border Creek Double Cross Mystery quilt.  She paper pieced the border – this quilt is huge!







And….. a little thread goes a long way…I have a good friend that made a baby quilt out of a selection of the chocolate and turquoise fabrics and  I said “I have the perfect thread for quilting that” and handed over a cone of Superior Rainbows in turquoise and chocolate…. when she had quilted the quilt and returned the remaining thread, this was included.  Either my friends know me too well or they feel I need to mellow out.IMG_1243

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