Posted by: flamingodebra | August 5, 2009

Gazebo Quilting

Wednesday afternoons at 1pm the quilters gather in the gazebo here at the Flamingo for our weekly dose of “therapy”.  Just kidding, we get together and visit, have a coffee or a cool drink and chit chat as we do some hand work, look through some magazines and inspire each other.  It is a replacement for “Nifty Needles” that runs on Monday afternoons during the rest of the year (Sept thru June).  Everyone is welcome to join us at Gazebo Quilting!

We had company all weekend!  What fun, we cooked BBQ’d, visited, golfed  and generally enjoyed ourselves.  Thanx to everyone that ventured out our way, friends and family alike!  For those of you that haven’t visited the Flamingo, it’s an experience, so come on out!

In amongst all of that, Lori picked up her quilt this weekend.  She got the pattern from a Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine a few years ago and she and a friend collected homespun plaids for a while and this is what she put together!  I had so many comments on it while it was hanging on my wall I was secretly hoping that she might forget it was here…. there is some applique yet to be added around the outside, so I’ll post pics when it’s hung in the Quilt Show in Rossland (Oct 16 and 17).



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