Posted by: flamingodebra | August 1, 2009

Summer is here!

We are definitely experiencing summer.  The motel is full every night, the heat is awesome and the days are flying by like crazy. 

This week I was playing with my machine for hours then I made two phone calls…. apparently the change in the humidity threw it for an electrical  loop that made my life difficult…after trying to fix it myself, I had things going down when they should have been going up,  I spoke to my hero – Randy in Missouri – and he had me fixed up with a series of easy adjustments.  A-1 has such great service and their people are so friendly and helpful.  My dealer Megan even phoned me the minute she returned from a 1200 mile drive to try to help me.  Now it is back to its old self and I am  productive once again.

Pat came to pick up her quilts.  She has 3 grandsons and each has their name embroidered on their quilt.IMG_1225IMG_1227                                                                             







And here are the twins’ quilts – such  cute flannel panels with an assortment of blocks around them.



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