Posted by: flamingodebra | July 24, 2009

More Quilts

Okay,  so I was going to put a few quilts on the last post but it just wasn’t cooperating with me… so here we go…..

This is Denise’s quilt, she’s giving it to her Brother and Sister in law as a wedding gift…. how do I get adopted into that family? It was such warm browns, golds and tans… sorry the pictures don’t do it justice – the pattern was quite striking too.







This is Marg S’s massive Border Creek Mystery quilt… she did an awesome job!  She is just a beginner (she says) and her piecing is wonderful…






And my sincerest apologies to Janice – I somehow don’t have pictures of her beautiful sampler quilt – also a wedding gift.  I was certain I had pictures of it!

And for those of you that may be wondering why I’m not on my way to see my Grandma, I decided against going.  It has been crazy around the motel and I have so many quilts to do…. We spoke the other night and she was so gracious about me “jamming out” on her…. she said that I shouldn’t worry about it, I was just there in May.  She has always had the sweetest outlook on things, I have never heard her EVER say anything mean about anyone – nor do I remember her getting mad about anything either.  My Grandparents went up to Fort McMurray, Alberta in the 1960’s.  At that time it was a wild oil town and they ran a motel, a boarding house, the gas station and my grampa had the first taxi.  He came home one day and told my grandma that he’d bought her the flower shop.  And that was it.  She ran that shop and had a few more going as the city grew.  My grandpa was great – we used to deliver flowers and sing songs, he passed away when I was nine.  Grandma ran the show on her own from then on.  I spent my summers up there and we always had a great time.  While I’ll miss the visit with my family, I’ll be thinking of them as I quilt this weekend.


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