Posted by: flamingodebra | July 2, 2009

Back to “Work”

Because I really love what I do, it’s really not “work”.  It is nice to be home but it was nice to be back in Calgary and see lots of old friends and family and be reminded that I am soooo glad that I don’t deal with traffic on a daily basis!  In fact, I probably only get into my car 3 times a week – I can walk to do most of my errands.

When I was in Calgary in May, I brought home Todd and Jackie’s quilt.  I made this for them in 2004 and quilted it on my domestic machine.  It needed some love and I did some mending on that same machine.  I am so grateful for my long arm, I could not stuff huge quilts through a little machine anymore!  I had some of the original fabrics left and attempted to make lonestar points then appliqued them on to the quilt with some interesting stitches….it’ll do until their next quilt is ready.


These are Marg’s quilts, they got home to her last week and really turned out nice!


These are the same pattern and some of the same fabrics…. cool how the placement changes everything!IMG_1153IMG_1156IMG_1155

This is her Southwest quilt.  She spends her winters in the warm south – exactly where I’d like to be when the snow is piling up by the foot!  Each applique block was surrounded by smaller blocks with the same theme using different tecniques.IMG_1158IMG_1160  And if anyone needs a reason to justify their “stash”, Marg had all of these fabrics on hand, she only had to purchase the sandy coloured one that she used in the sashing!IMG_1159


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