Posted by: flamingodebra | June 14, 2009

Why Quilting Fascinates Me

IMG_1115This is why:IMG_1124IMG_1113IMG_1116IMG_1120IMG_1114IMG_1118IMG_1119IMG_1117IMG_1121IMG_1122IMG_1125IMG_1126IMG_1128

Just look at all the different combinations.  I know that this happens but everytime it does, I am amazed.  We all start from the same point and each end result is unique.  This are the Border Creek Double Cross Mystery QuiltJean’s Material Things hosted the mystery and the reveal was in the courtyard at her shop.

This is Sandi’s mystery Quilt, I quilted it with swirls all over in a pink/chocolate Superior Rainbows Thread.


Sandi used her own combination  of colours and it turned out really nice.  This is mine, I used some fabrics from the Portobello Market collection by Moda… and quilted it with a subtle all over design that was to imitate the paisley shapes.  It is soft but it looked dull when stationed between two bright ones at the reveal!







And here’s a shot with the Gazebo in the background, it is covered in Wisteria but only one bloom.  Last year, the whole thing was blooms….




  1. Wow – the “reveal” is always so amazing! Isn’t it funny how everyone’s turns out so different. Guess I should get started on my own mystery quilt since I haven’t even started it yet – LOL!

  2. I love how they all turned out! It is amazing how different they can be. Colin likes my Bali pops quilt better.. haha

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