Posted by: flamingodebra | June 7, 2009

Audio Books

Audio books are awesome.  I tend to listen to a bit of everything, non-fiction and fiction.  I haven’t been a big reader lately (that’s changing) and I seem to get a lot out of listening to books while I am quilting.  Our library has a whole online selection of Audio Books that you can download and put on your iPod (if your computer is current enough to recognize it – ours  is not so it sits there mocking me ‘get with it’).  Some you are allowed to burn onto CD and if all else fails, you can listen to them on your computer.  Since my computer is in the house and not my studio and my CD burner has given up and my iPod is lounging, I have been going to the physical library to get my audio fix.

Last week, I borrowed “The Not So Big Life” by Sarah Susanka.  Interesting stuff – how to recognize what’s important in your life and appreciate it.  There’s also a website with some cool stuff on it.  I did stop what I was doing and copy this bit down though… hope it’s okay to share it with you,  it really ‘struck’ me;

The Symptoms of Inner Peace

A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than act in response to fears based on past experiences.

An unmistakeable ability to enjoy each moment.

A loss of interest in judging other people.

A loss of interest in judging oneself.

A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

A loss of interest in conflict.

The loss of ability to worry – a very serious symptom.

Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

Contented feelings of connectedness with others and with nature.

Frequent attacks of smiling.

Increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.

An increased susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.

I think I know people that demonstrate these symptoms….. and I’m trying….I do still worry – is my kid ok?  will everyone like their quilt when I’ve finished with it?  will I ever get all that laundry done?  and guess what?  My kid is always just fine, she is a smart and capable young woman who’s got it “all together”.  All of my customers have really liked what I’ve done with their quilts and the laundry always gets finished(maybe not folded but it goes right back on the bed the next day anyway).  And I am gaining more connectedness with nature – here’s my new furry friend, he(?) was kind enough to pose for a portrait yesterday.  These were all taken with a 12times zoom, he’s not feeling the connectedness ….. yet.



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